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Track Lighting

Searching for adaptable interior lighting solutions for your home? Rest assured, track lighting is your best bet in this scenario. This type of lighting consists of a system of fixtures called heads or bullets, which are in turn, joined to a track or monorail. The track has electrical conductors for supplying power to each track head in order to cast light.

Types of Track Lighting

Complete Track Kits

There are two sub divisions here:

  • The first type is installed into the ceiling junction box and contains light heads connected to a fixed or adjustable swing arm bar. You can rotate and swivel the light heads but can’t slide them back and forth.
  • If you wish to incorporate more lights or move the heads back and forth, you have to get a complete linear track kit comprising track, adjustable light heads, and canopy.


Linear strips are utilized for this kind of track lighting. They generally measure a couple of feet apart – you can get -foot, 4-foot, 6-foot, or 8-foot lengths. The pieces can be joined via connectors, which can then be used to create customized layouts. The style of lights and their position on the track is up to you.


The difference between linear and monorail track is that the former is flat against the surface of the ceiling, while the latter hangs down from standoffs, which results in a lovely, modern look. Flexible track pieces can be curved for rounded and flowing shapes.

With Tech Lighting track lights you don’t have to bother about including new wiring for separate fixtures, and you can easily adjust the illumination as per preference. The best part is it can be installed on both ceilings and walls, so you can really explore your creative potential. Go ahead and get cracking right now!

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