Tech lighting wall sconces can be used to achieve excellent lighting effects in your home. The best part is you have a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles to choose from, so you can experiment with lots of exciting designs.

Lighting type

What kind of light are you using the sconces for? Sconces can be battery operated or electrically powered. The latter works well if you are renovating or building a home, which involves changing the wiring, while the former is best if you want to opt for a safer alternative without messing with wires.


Positioning sconces can affect how long and how well they illuminate the room. For instance, if you wish to light up the room in a general manner, sconces should be placed at most at 6 feet above the ground, although the actual height depends upon the dimensions of the room. For higher ceilings move the sconces up to get reflection from the ceiling, but not so high that the down light is lost. Ideally, Tech lighting wall sconces should be spread along the wall at equal distances so the light is balanced properly.


As mentioned, wall sconces are available in numerous styles, such as those made of wrought iron, brass, etc. You could also opt for glass surrounds around real tapers or glass bowls that reflect light. Outdoor wall sconces can be used in patios and porches, as they do a fantastic job of illuminating otherwise dark spaces.

The biggest advantage of Tech Lighting wall lights is since they are mounted to the wall, children and pets can’t get to them, so you won’t be worried about safety. Moreover, they also save valuable floor and table space. So what are you waiting for? Browse through our collection and take your pick now!

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