Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting is one of the most popular types of lighting that is used extensively for homes these days. Although this kind of lighting is at times mistaken for chandelier lighting, these fixtures emit a softer glow, while the illumination is more ambient.  Adjustable versions are available where you can tweak the height of the pendants as per convenience. Tech Lighting pendant lights brings you the latest options in the market at extremely reasonable prices. Go ahead and take a look – you will surely find something that suits your requirements perfectly.

Here are some commonly used pendant lights:


Due to their versatility, these lights can be used in most areas of your home such as kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces, and so on. They are functional and impart visual appeal, especially when used in multiples.


These come in numerous shapes and designs. For instance, cone and drum pendant lights can help enhance the elegance of any room, and incorporate more color if required. You can also get cube and cylindrical shapes, double shades, or fixtures with industrial wire and geometric grills.


As is evident from the name, these fixtures have a bowl attached to the lower part of the central rod or some short chains (or bars) affixed to the main pendant.


If your entrance halls, corridors, or lobbies lack light, lantern pendant fixtures are the best option. They consist of a metal cage that is surrounded using glass, while the source of light is inside.


This is a hassle-free design where some light sources are fixed to one canopy, which is a style commonly used in kitchens.


Since these fixtures are small in size, they are generally hung in multiples to create an extraordinary look. Mini pendants can serve a decorative purpose by emitting dispersed ambient light or be used as task lighting in some areas.

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