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The bathroom is an integral part of your home, and poor lighting can completely spoil the overall ambience. A single ceiling light will simply not suffice anymore, especially if you spend a significant amount of time in the morning getting ready for work and relaxing in the tub or shower after a hectic day. There are numerous options when it comes to Tech Lighting bathroom lighting – take a look:

Shower Lights: Mostly these are round, flat fixtures that are specifically meant for saunas, showers, and tubs. Thanks to waterproof bulbs and casing, you can install them quite near to the shower head and also under water.

Down Lights: These are commonly used in bathrooms as they can be rotated to different angles and are usually installed on the ceiling, or cabinet hoods and bottoms. Dimmers can be used to tweak intensity.

LED Lights: The latest trend is to use LED lights for bathrooms. These are energy efficient and available in numerous colors. LED lighting is best used for step lights, down lights, under water lights etc.

Flush Mounts: These fixtures are installed on bases on the ceiling without any gap in between. Thus the light spreads evenly in all directions, while the bulbs are encased in frosted globe shells for a diffused effect.

Wall Lights: Installed using metal brackets on the walls, they are excellent space savers since they don’t make use of floor or countertop areas. Pendants If flush mounts don’t appeal to you, it is best to top for pendant lights that have a base on the ceiling but the light is suspended using a rod or chain.

Looking for a Tech Lighting bathroom vanity light? Or would you prefer something more general? Whatever be your requirement, we guarantee you will find stellar products in our collection – go ahead and browse!

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