The beauty of a home decor piece or a painting or a new sofa can be spoilt with poor lighting. A little bit of effort from your side in deciding the kind of lighting you want plays a role in the overall look and aura of a space.

what is upward lighting

For larger spaces, uplighting is better as uplight fixtures have wide beam spreads creating ambient lighting. Upward lighting also adds to the architectural feel. Down lighting is good for task lighting and is suited for kitchen spaces and a home office kind of setup or general work spaces.

what is downward lighting

When step lighting and path lighting are incorporated into an outdoor area, downlighting gives you a welcoming feel and gives brightness in dark evenings or late evenings which your neighbours may like too. Uplighting and downlighting can be used together too. Using it together will bring a nice layering effect too. When you try both the lighting types together, there may be a shadow created which is the reason why many experts don’t pair them up.The general purpose of uplighting or downlighting is to provide focussed lighting. Most people concentrate on the interiors, furniture, the new spunky stuff you buy for your home or the closet in a house and the last thing that is looked into is the lighting. In reality, it is the lighting which can really change the depth of a room.

landscape lighting upward downward

Uplighting and downlighting are a part of landscape lighting and in uplighting, landscape lights are mounted above and in downlighting, the landscape lights are fixed below.  Lighting up a tree can be done with uplighting. If you want to light up a whole tree, use uplighting as it highlights the tree they way you want to and adds the necessary scenic beauty to your home and garden.

Outdoor seating in your house can be decorated with downlighting and is a practical choice as there is no much scope for destruction or damage as downlighting is usually installed or tucked in. Downlighting is usually used in landscape beds, walls and uplighting is used for trees and large spaces and are positioned to illuminate fixtures.

Make sure the lighting you use provides the kind of stylish feel you want for your guests to see. Though you can’t compare downlighting and uplighting and decide on the one that is better, you can know which is better for your lighting requirements. Work with a lighting designer to get the best results otherwise you may be spending more time than you imagined in lighting.

Lighting needs to be given importance as it makes simple spaces look magical. Knowing where you want the illumination makes you decide between uplighting and downlighting.