LED lights are a modern technological advancement that’s improving the lighting industry in many ways. One of the ways that LEDs are being used is in bathroom lighting. In particular they are excellent as bathroom vanity lights.

Even though LED bathroom vanity lights are somewhat new, there is an amazing selection of different LED fixtures. You’ll find LED vanity lights in all sorts of styles, sizes, and finishes.

There are countless stunning LED vanity light designs, but we’ve narrowed it down to our favorite 5 LED lights for the bathroom vanity. Read on to see why!

This LED vanity light by Kuzco Lighting has a lovely sleek design that would be complimentary in any modern home. Clean lines and blocky glass create a unique fixture design that doesn’t have a traditional bulb shade, but more of a filter.

The subtle details in this piece set it apart from other modern fixtures, with small frosted glass stripes and a shiny chrome base. This LED bathroom vanity light is on our list, because it’s contemporary, but also it’s really a classic minimal piece that would look great with many design styles.

This Indeco two light LED bathroom vanity fixture is an excellent example of how two styles can be fused into one elegant piece. This fixture has a smooth clean profile, with a long bar style light, giving the effect of modern simplicity, but the aged brass metal detailing on it brings in more of a traditional feel.

This slight juxtaposition of style means that this light can blend into many types of décor. This LED vanity fixture is on our list because it would be a beautiful statement piece in transitional, eclectic, traditional, and industrial bathrooms and more!

When you think of LED lights you think of the fact that they are versatile, because of the small size they can be made in. This fixture from Elan Lighting really capitalizes on that fact by using mirrored surfaces to reflect rows of smaller LED bulbs. This makes this fixture amazingly unique and more a piece of art than light.

This LED vanity fixture is on our list because of its avant-garde design and forward thinking use of materials and LED technology.


This Empire LED vanity light has several things going for it! It has a unique application of being installed vertically rather than the traditional horizontal, making it perfect for installing on the sides of a mirror. It has a minimal geometric design that is modern, but also has an art deco and retro vibe, which makes it super versatile. Also it comes in two different finishes of classic pewter or natural brass. This LED bathroom vanity light makes our list, because of how it combines classic styling with unique features for an amazingly beautiful and adaptable fixture that can fit in with all types of décor!

If you are looking for an LED vanity light that will set your bathroom apart from the rest, then look no further than this gorgeous piece by Eurofase. A chic and sophisticated design that is simple, but still makes a huge impact with its use of chrome and crystal.

This fixture is innovative in that it has crystal shades that are filled with vintage style cut chandelier crystals, for a dazzling and glamorous look. The way the crystal in each bulb shines and reflects the LED light is really breathtaking. This light ranks on our list because of its unique use of crystals with LED light technology and it’s beautiful simplicity.