Some people love the process of shopping and some people really don’t. Either way, when you are purchasing a new lighting fixture for your home there are a few things to keep in mind so that you don’t rush into a hasty purchase.

So whether you are excited to pick out a new light online or are dreading the whole process, read ahead for our list of the top 3 things you’ll want to consider before purchasing lights online.


#1 – Not too Big, Not too Small…Just Right!

The first thing an interior designer will tell you, when picking out a fixture for your space, is to get the right proportion. What that means is that the actual size of the light you choose is important.

If you are buying for a large room, then for the fixture to look like it fits, you’ll want to get a piece that is bigger (a small fixture will get lost and look awkward). On the other hand if you are choosing a fixture for a more compact room, then don’t buy a huge chandelier!

You want an appropriately sized light no matter the room and an easy trick to help is to add the length and width of the room together and then that number, in inches, is the width you should aim for (there are some exceptions, but this is in general a good way to choose). So a 12” x 8” room could use a 20-inch fixture.

#2 – Right Amount of Bright

Another big thing to consider when buying a light online, is to determine the amount of light you want in the room. Some things to think about here are “How much natural light is there and where will I need light during the day?” –

If you have a room that is low on natural light you might want a ceiling light with multiple bulbs and some supplementary floor lamps and/or table lamps, for task lighting. “Do you want a brightly lit space to work or moody soft lighting?” – If the room that you’re buying for will be a work space, like a home office or kitchen, then you will want it to be really well lit.

For these situations make sure and find lights that have a high lumen output, generally this means a multiple bulb fixture.

If you want more atmospheric lighting, then a great multi functional lighting fixture is a track light. You can direct a beam of light anywhere that you want for the perfect amount of brightness exactly where you want it. These can create a soft effect when used alone or a highlighting effect when used in combination with other lighting.

#3 – The Practical Side of Style

The most enjoyable part of picking out a light online is getting to choose from all of the beautiful and interesting styles and designs. You’ll see there are lights that compliment retro, modern, transitional, and many many other design tastes.

If you know the style you have and want in your home that’s great, but keep in mind that styles can change. Not to put a damper on the fun of choosing a new fixture, but just keep in mind, when looking online, that you want to buy from a reputable dealer who carries quality made pieces.

You’ll know a fixture is a timeless piece when it is made from superior materials such as glass, steel, and metals. This will ensure that no matter what light you purchase online, it will stay a stunning piece of your home for many years to come!

If you need help in choosing right lights, contact us for more details