Since the bathroom is different from other rooms in the house, choosing lighting for the bathroom can be quite overwhelming and challenging. All the areas of the bathroom require different kinds of lighting. The shower, the tub, and the vanity area need different lighting. It is the first room you visit in the morning and the last room you visit at night and it is also the room where grooming, make-up, and shaving is done. Hence, lots of factors need to be taken into consideration for better bathroom lighting.

Use side mounted scones

You can place scones on either side of the mirror or mount them to a mirror directly with shades placed at eye-level. These fixtures don’t cast shadows and these side by side scones make you look great. Side mounted scones need to be placed 60 inches to 70 inches off the floor and need to be close to your face.

Consider layered lighting

All bathrooms’ benefit from layered lighting. Use a combination of ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting to evenly distribute light in the bathroom. These three lights are integral to the room as it is influences the overall mood in the room. If you want your bathroom to be functional and glamourous, use layered lighting as it is not too bright for relaxation and too dim for tasks.

Pendants can be used as an alternative

Pendants can be used as an alternative to scones and can function as ambient and task lighting. These light fixtures are a classy and elegant lighting option. It is also the best option if you are worn out by the standard lighting options in the market. Light your pendant 12 to 20 inches below an 8-foot ceiling. The best place to use these lights are large bathrooms that can accommodate these hanging lamps. These lights provide ample illumination and pendants for bathrooms are either damp or wet-rated, making them the best choice for large bathrooms.

Use similar finishes for lighting

While it is not necessary to match the all the lighting fixtures in the exact same way, it is important that they are from the same finish family to maintain alignment and unity in the bathroom’s overall design.

Don’t forget to concentrate on the tub area

Scones create a special ambience for the tub area of the bathroom. It creates a soothing atmosphere in the tub area which can be difficult to create in other normal lighting fixtures and overhead lighting fixtures. Equal lighting can be placed on either side of the tub. A chandelier can be placed over a tub if the fixture is at least 5 feet above the water’s surface when the tub is filled with water.

The size of the fixture matters a lot

Never buy fixtures that are too large or too small. The key for better bathroom lighting is the size of the fixtures depend on the size and the style of the bathroom.  The right fixture creates a positive and calm tone while wrong fixtures create a tone that is either too bright or too dim.