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The newest part of a home investment growing with interest and luxury in mind is “The Home Theater Room”.  “Lights”, “Camera”, “Action”, said “The Director”.  In every room of your home I recommend three sources of light.  For “The Home Theater Room” LED Recessed Lighting from “Beach Lighting” can create interesting paths of direction.  The three and four inch options along with square or round trims allow you to design with a contemporary style.  The “Satco”, “GU10 LED Bulb”,

is taking over the market.  Excellent performance can be achieved with only seven watts of “Energy” from each fixture.  I love the “Warm White”, “3000 Kelvin”, color tone of light.  Position is everything with “LED Recessed Lighting”.  Direct your family and friends down the aisles with the paths illuminated from above before the show starts.  Adjustable trim options can be positioned to accent your favorite portraits or stars in your family on the wall.  Install a separate “LED Dimmer” from “Legrands” “Adorne” style of products for your wall Showcase.  I love to see a great moment captured in time from a Photograph.


While your family and friends are getting positioned to see the show the stage has to be set for the quick run to the bathroom.  “LED Tape Lighting” from “Wac Lighting” is perfect for positioning on the floor areas near the base molding.  Available tracks can be anchored for a permanent installation.  When the show starts turn all the lights off but leave the “LED Tape Light” on.  Dim the “LED Tape Lighting” down to a very low level of light.


This will give you the effect of a real “Movie Theater”.  I always recommend getting the advice of a “Licensed Interior Designer” to help with the design details.  For the floor areas I recommend “LED Tape Lighting” that is “Wet Rated”.  You will never know when a spill can happen.  “Color Changing LED Tape Lighting” from “Wac Lighting” can be the best investment for “Cove Lighting”.  A gorgeous ambiance can be set to your color of choice or you can set the controller to a slow controlled changing of colors.  “LED Tape Lighting” takes up very little space and can be positioned just about anywhere.  Half the fun of lighting is to hide the products from site.  When the sun goes down you can create the most beautiful light values with the right positioning.


For an added design “LED Step Lights” from “Wac Lighting” can be positioned about one foot off the ground.  Space the “Led Step Lights about three feet apart from each other.




The excellent amount of light may be a little too bright but these can also be dimmed from a separate, “Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer” installed by a “Licensed Electrician”.  I always recommend it is better to have too much light and control it with dimmers from “Legrands” “Adorne” style of products than to have too little light.


For “LED Bathroom Lighting” “George Kovacs” and “Sonneman Lighting” have beautiful designs to compliment your style.




“Modern Forms” is another division of “Wac Lighting” that is well worth researching.


“The Home Theater Room” needs to be well planned out.  Installation of insulation in the walls and ceiling for sound proofing is a must.  Surround Sound systems today are getting better and better.  The new 4K Ultra HD LED Televisions are bringing new qualities in clarity.  Since you brought the best into your home now is the time to consider the clean up for the “After It Is Over”.  “Nutone” has a “Central Vacuum System” that is installed during the construction phase.  With proper planning clean up can be just a plug into the wall or a sweep over to a port.  The “Nutone Central Vacuum System” is quiet and very powerful.


The system is a quick and effective way to remove dust, dirt and allergens from your home with minimal effort.  This system works on carpet or bare floor areas.  Five different models are available to choose from for different homes ranging in square footage.  There is no more messing with bags while you vacuum your home.  The “Nutone Central Vacuum System” is five times more powerful than an upright or canister vacuum.  Nutone offers many attachments and accessories to make your job easy.  Customer Service at Nutone is excellent and friendly.  This is well worth researching.


Thinking outside the box for “The Home Theater Room” starts with proper planning.  Automation and Lighting controls from your Smart Phone are now available.  “Lutron” has a new design style called “Caseta”.  Window treatments, Lighting, and even the Thermostat can all be controlled today with “Lutron” products.

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