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“LED Outdoor Lighting Fixtures” from “Tech Lighting” has just been introduced for the home and business.  Architectural grade outdoor lighting fixtures such as the “Turbo Collection” have four different sizes fixtures to choose from.

The “Turbo Light Column” stands twelve feet tall and is eight inches wide.  This fixture is offered in two different wattages of twenty five watts or fifty five watts.  Two different beam spread options of twenty five degrees or forty degrees can produce eighteen hundred “Lumens” or thirty eight hundred “Lumens” of downward light.  This fixture has two metal finishes of either “Bronze” or “Charcoal”.  If you choose the optional “Button Photo control” you can leave the operation controlled by the Sunrise and Sunset.


The second fixture from this family is the “Turbo Bollard”.  This fixture stands forty two inches high and is six inches wide.  Twenty five watts will produce eighteen hundred “Lumens” of light to brighten up your surrounding areas.  You can choose from two different beam spreads of twenty degrees or forty degrees.  Complement the “Turbo Light Column” with the same metal finish of either “Bronze” or “Charcoal”.


The third fixture from this family is the “Turbo Path Fixture”.  This fixture uses only ten watts of “Energy” and is twelve volts.

The “Turbo Path Fixture” requires a ‘Remote Transformer”, sold separately.  “Tech Lighting” offers two outdoor rated “Magnetic Low Voltage Transformers” in either “one hundred and fifty watts” or “three hundred watts”.  You can run fifteen “Turbo Path Fixtures” off of one “one hundred and fifty watt” “Remote Transformer”.   The “Turbo Path Fixture” produces eight hundred “Lumens” of light.  The fixture stands 10.9” inches tall and is only six inches wide.


The fourth fixture from this family is the “Turbo Wall”.  The “Turbo Wall Fixture” is five inches wide and is eighteen inches tall.

The fixture uses only 15.7 watts of “Energy” and produces five hundred and ninety eight “Lumens” of light.  The same metal finishes are offered with this fixture too in either “Bronze” or Charcoal.  The complete “Turbo” family of fixtures will complement your home or business.


All the fixtures above are dimmable with “Electronic Low Voltage Dimmers except the “Turbo Path Fixture”.  The “Turbo Path Fixture” is dimmable with “Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmers”

“Tech Lighting offers a five year warranty on their outdoor fixtures.  “Tech Lighting” has engineered their outdoor fixtures with “Durable, Marine-Grade Finishes”.  Aluminum housings and stainless hardware are resistant to harsh elements.  Replaceable “LED’s” and “Drivers” will allow you to make this investment last.  Two “Kelvin Temperature” choices of either “3000 Kelvin” or “4000 Kelvin” are offered in all the fixtures except the “Turbo Path” which comes in “3000 Kelvin”.  Seventy thousand hours of “LED life” is excellent.  Another excellent feature about this family of LED fixtures is that they are all “Dark Sky Compliant”.


Another design style offered from “Tech Lighting” is the “Revel Bollard and Path Fixture”.  The modern “Revel” outdoor “Bollard and Path Fixture” features a sleek metal surface that is laser-cut with horizontal slots.

The Slots allow the LED light to shine through an inner white lens or diffuser.  The “Revel Bollard Fixture” stands forty two inches high and is six inches wide.  The “Revel Bollard Fixture” uses 18.9 watts of “Energy”.  The fixture produces one hundred and twenty five “Lumens” of light.  You can choose from either a warm “3000 Kelvin” or a more neutral white of “4000 Kelvin”.  This fixture is offered in either “Bronze of Charcoal”.

The “Revel Path Fixture” uses twelve volts.  The “Revel Path Fixture” requires a remote “Low Voltage Transformer”, sold separately.  The “Tech Lighting Transformers” are enclosed in a “Stainless Steel Housing”.  The “Revel Path Fixture” uses 17.6 watts of “Energy” and produces one hundred and twenty two “Lumens” of light.  This fixture is offered in “3000 Kelvin”.  The “Revel Path Fixture” can be bolted to the ground or staked.  The “Revel Path Fixture” is also offered in either a “Bronze of Charcoal” finish.


“Tech Lighting” offers another “LED Bollard Fixture” called “Voto”.  Elegance is taken to a new level with the “Voto Bollard” The “Voto Bollard Fixture” stands forty two inches tall and uses 14.9 watts of “Energy”.  The “Voto Bollard Fixture produces six hundred and eighty three “Lumens” of light through a solid piece of optically pure acrylic.  Plenty of light glows from the bottom of the thick cut acrylic lens.


The “Voto Bollard Fixture” has two “Kelvin Temperature” choices of either “3000 Kelvin” or “4000 Kelvin’.  The “Voto Bollard Fixture” is “Dark Sky Compliant”.  The “Voto Bollard Fixture” is offered in “Bronze” or “Charcoal”.  A five year warranty is excellent.


Tech Lighting” offers a complementary “Voto Wall Fixture” to the above “Voto Bollard Fixture”.  Choose from either “Up” or “Down” lighting or “Up and Down” together.  The “Voto” “Up and Down” together uses about twenty watts of “Energy”.  The “Voto Wall” “Up or Down fixture” uses only eleven and one half watts of “Energy”.  The “Voto Wall Fixture” is offered in the either “Bronze” or “Charcoal”.  You can choose from two “Kelvin Temperatures” of either “3000 Kelvin” or “4000 Kelvin”.  The “Vote Bollard and Wall Fixture” are dimmable with “Electronic Low Voltage” dimmers.


Please consult with our sales team for compatible dimmers for Tech Lighting products.


“Tech Lighting” has introduced a new family of “Outdoor LED Fixtures” to the market.  Excellent quality that is backed by a five year warranty is excellent.  “Tech Lighting” offers many other beautiful products for your home or business.  Customer Service is excellent and friendly.

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