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“Seagull Lighting” started as a small specialty lighting store in Philadelphia in 1919.  Founder “Henry Siegel” based his company on values of quality, variety and service.  Through the years his direction moved forward with designs, innovations, and energy efficiency.  “Seagull Lighting” has earned a strong relationship with “Builders”, “Contractors”, “Lighting Showrooms”, and “Homeowners”.  “Seagull Lighting” offers over two thousand five hundred products for both the inside and outside.  I love the fact that a large portion of their products use either a medium base socket or candelabra socket.  With their designs you will be able to convert these fixtures to LED along with choosing the “Kelvin Temperature” of your choice. “Satco” is a large supplier of “LED” Bulbs located in “New York”, “California”, “Texas” and “Florida”. “Quality Lighting Fixtures” and “Quality LED Bulbs” will result in a happy beginning.  For over ninety five years “Seagull Lighting” has been committed to unparalleled customer service and best in class availability for channel partners.  I love to call “Customer Service” to check inventory and find it to be available.


“Seagull Lighting “offers more then one thousand products that are “Energy Star” rated.

“Energy Star” stands for saving money and the environment. Buying “Lighting Fixtures” with an “Energy Star” label means you are buying a product that has been tested by third party laboratories and confirmed to be more energy efficient than traditional lighting fixtures.  This increase in energy efficiency means you will have a lower “Electric Bill”.


Another great value with “Seagull Lighting” is that they have many beautiful “Families” of Lighting Fixtures.  The “Winnetka Family” offers different size “Chandeliers”, “Pendants”, “Wall Fixtures”, “Flush Mounts” and a coordinating “Ceiling Fan”, with two finish options for all the fixtures in either “Brushed Nickel” with “Satin Etched Glass” or “Blacksmith Finish” with “Satin Etched Glass”.  All the “Lighting Fixtures” are offered with either a “Medium Base Socket” or a “GU24 Base Self Ballasted CFL bulb.  I recommend the “Medium Base Socket”.


The “Del Prato Family” is another large family of fixtures offered in “Chestnut Bronze” with “Acid Etched Glass”.   This “Family” of fixtures also offers a coordinated Ceiling Fan to match.


The “Roslyn Family” of Lighting Fixtures offers a three light “Semi Flush Convertible Pendant”.   This means you can mount it as a “Semi Flush” fixture or as a “Pendant”.  Flexibility in design shows quality in Engineering.  The “Roslyn Family” is beautiful and is offered with either a “Medium Base Socket” or with a “GU24 Base Self Ballasted CFL.  I always recommend seeking the advice from a “Licensed Interior Designer” for planning out your home design.


The “Academy Family” of Lighting Fixtures has retro detailing.  This classic design is offered in two metal finishes in either “Brushed Nickel” or “Heirloom Bronze”.  The “Academy Family” has coordinating “Bathroom Fixtures” and a coordinating “Ceiling Fan”.


For the outside “Seagull Lighting” has thought thru their designs and has opened the doors to matching exterior fixture families.  The “Winnetka Family” offers a “Post Fixture”, “Hanging Fixture”, “Flush Mount” and different size “Wall Mount Fixtures”.  I love seeing an inviting exterior with a coordinating welcoming interior.


“Seagull Lighting” has categorized the “Families of Fixtures” as “Indoor Collections”, “Pendant Collections”, “Ceiling Collections”, “Wall and Bath Collections”, “Ceiling Fans”, “Outdoor Collections”, “Recessed Lighting”, and “Transitions” such as “Customizable 120 volt Rail Lighting Systems featuring a variety of luminaries.


“Seagull Lighting” offers the “Belton Family” showing a growing popular design style “Vintage Style Lamp”.  Clear Glass with an exposed “Filament Style” clear bulb is cool when it is “LED”.  A low “Kelvin Temperature of 2700 is a very “Warm White” color tone of light.  This is a very relaxing color tone of light that might work well over the “Dining Room Table”

3114505-782 4114501-782 belton_kitchen

If you are sensitive to light I recommend fixtures with shades.  The “West Town Family” offers a few fixtures with an “Oatmeal Faux Linen Shade”.  Not seeing the filament of a light bulb is a must if you are sensitive to light.  ‘Seagull Lighting” offers beautiful design styles that will make your home more comfortable and relaxing.  Open your eyes and research the latest in technology with “Seagull Lighting” and the use of “LED’.

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“Seagull Lighting” offers many different Lighting Fixtures for the home and business.

“Seagull Lighting” is located is Skokie, Illinois.  Customer Service is excellent and friendly.  As always thanks for visiting Sea Gull Lighting – Lighting Miami.


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