It is a timeless beauty that requires some experience in positioning the right light.

LEDs are preferred to give the right amount of light in the rooms without taking up space or being bulky.

Important lighting in environments

LEDs aim to give proper lighting and as the Trends in 2019 held in Milan, the protagonist was LED. However, these are useful light bulbs of excellent light and low energy consumption. The designs have been based on the requests of customers but also the many styles and looks that can be adopted at home.

Lots of visitors have been immersed in new LED lights and have had many tips that can be used for choosing the next chandelier to buy.

LBL Lighting SU769 Questa 1 Light Chandelier

LBL Lighting SU769 Questa 1 Light Chandelier

Further, it is an increasingly innovative and technological design to be combined with all-natural materials that recall the vintage style and revisit traditional forms. If you love nature and want to pay attention to eco-sustainability, then opt for the choice of an LED chandelier that is essential and has a predominance of wood or recycled metal. They are processed to be modernized and revisited in their own form. This is the idea on which the trends for 2019 were based.

led wooden chandelier

LED chandeliers can also be used with different shades of white to create a suggestion of movement and plays of light that "move" the atmosphere in the rooms and manage to be functional beyond the astonishing.

led hanging chandelier

Some models are embellished with stones in glass or Swarovski for environments full of light and white light but that become refined precisely for the value of the workmanship. These are highly habitable environments that increase their welcoming atmosphere.

What to consider while buying LED lighting

Lighting is very complex and you have to try to understand what you need to know so as not to make gross mistakes when you buy an LED chandelier. It is necessary to check how much light it  is bestowed with by reading the consumption watt. Surely it is new and low-energy lighting compared to the "traditional" light bulb. Each LED light of 10W consumes 10 times less than the traditional ones, a nice saving that surely helps.

 The second tip is to evaluate the size of the light bulb that produces a good amount of light. Following the tendencies of the 2019 ideas for chandeliers, it is necessary for them to provide good white lighting and white nuances.

On the label it is possible to notice the writing "LUMEN", that is to say, the size in fact. If we take an example of a 1,500 lm bulb, the unit of measurement of the LUMEN for the LED produces light equal to 150W of the classic halogen light bulb.

For a splendid white light that is as similar as possible to natural light, it is better to check the color rendering, the greater the lighting value.

Once you decide to buy these types of light bulbs, you would always be pleasantly satisfied with the excellent lighting you will have at home and which will enhance the rooms making them welcoming.

For trends 2019 try to choose structures that are essential and well-defined lines, perhaps with natural materials, to have a trendy home, which is eco-sustainable and goes to ensure strong and convivial atmospheres.

Last but not least, decide the position of the light points for the sectors or corners that are more beautiful, aesthetically speaking, embellishing them with a direct light beam.