Illuminate with style and flaunt a good taste, perhaps have light points that can create different atmospheres. An "innovative" way to have a complete and total light that is similar to natural light is perhaps ideal for dinners with friends, to be alternated with intimate and suffused atmospheres.

There are many chandeliers and spotlights that can be turned on when needed and it is the LED lights that can be adjustable and balanced, or warm and welcoming, given by those halogen together with those with a yellow LED.

We recommend, for your dining room, to evaluate these ideas in order to have a dynamic environment and to adapt to your needs to live "brilliant moments!"

Ideas and advice to use before purchasing the chandelier

The first doubt that grips the mind of anyone who has to buy a chandelier for the dining room is to choose the most functional. Which is the right chandelier and which light to use?

In this environment, the table and the chairs are always the central points on which the attention should fall, so you have to place a direct light chandelier on these furnishings. A beautiful and elegant LED light fully satisfies the decorative elements as it is placed in the center of this room.

You can prefer a cold light that is more similar to the natural one, but you can also place spotlights that direct soft light, maybe yellow, to make the atmosphere very intimate, welcoming and absolutely romantic. These spotlights are aimed at shading lights on the chairs.

At different times and on different occasions, the lights can be used individually, creating either a very strong or very soft light. Alternatively, you can use them together to have an absolutely perfect and balanced lighting game.

For the chandelier that points on the table according to your style of furniture, you can choose different designs. If you have a predominance of brown and dark colors, better choose chandeliers with natural materials and rounded shapes or with essential lines.

While if you have an environment with white colors or warm shades, then you must absolutely enhance the dining room with glass chandeliers and stones that also create rainbow colors when the light radiates them internally.

Install DIY chandeliers, location and changes

To install a chandelier, you need to know where the electrical cables are located in the ceiling which is needed to power the light from the light bulb or LEDs. If they are already fixed, we can connect the chandelier without too many problems but you could find them in awkward places.

If we do not want to pull electric cables as in any case they also require other masonry work to hide them, then it’s better to choose the spotlight chandeliers that you can place and then direct the light beam exactly where we need it. It is only a matter of making holes in the ceiling, around the electric wire, fixing the fisher taking into account the weight of the chandelier and then screwing so that the structure is fixed and not "dancer".

Instead, we can decide to pull the cables where we like most, you can also pull the cables by hiding them in conduits or even in copper pipes, very used in industrial style, "glue" the electric wires in the entrance of the chandelier with insulating tape.

A very important element is to keep the weight of the chandelier structure in mind as it must be positioned correctly without having the risk factor of detaching itself.