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A home office is not just a quiet corner with a lot of books and a laptop, it is a room where you plan, execute, let your creative juices flow and have interesting conversations and meetings with clients, like-minded people and acquaintances. To make the home office a productive place, it needs to be an ideal environment for you to grow and definitely a place which is not dingy and a place which is great in terms of lighting and space. In fact, a badly managed home office with even poorly planned lighting makes you depressed and dull…

small office home office lighting ideas

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Lighting Ideas & Tips for Home Office

Bring in some natural lighting

Natural light can be brought in by keeping your windows open during the day. Both artificial lighting and natural lighting needs to be balanced in the room for the perfect home office lighting.

Pick the right ambient lights

Ambient lighting provides the entire room with illumination. Ambient lighting doesn’t have too much glare and sets the right mood for the room. Ambient lighting can be done with chandeliers, lanterns and wall mounted fixtures. Ambient lighting usually lights up the room in a balanced fashion but doesn’t help you focus on the work much.

Use stylish task lighting

While ambient lighting gives you the suitable environment to work, task lighting helps you complete your tasks and also allows you do all the things that excite most. Desk lamps, track lighting, recess lighting are the different types and mainly these need to be set up in such a way that your eyes are not strained.

Give priority to spaces

The psychology is pretty simple- more space simply means better concentration and a better outlook towards your work. Modern pendants and wall scones can be used to make your room look bigger. You can also use desk scones and swing arm lights to improve the space constraint and reduce the clutter.

Have you heard of sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains are see-through curtains that are made of polyesters and they don’t distort sunlight yet they give a little bit of privacy. These are mostly available in light colors and are available in designs such as polka, stripes, polyester, flowers etc.

Your lighting expresses your personality

Art is a fine way to express yourself and with the different kinds of lights available today, you can use it to design your room. The right use of ambient lights, task lighting and accent lighting depending on your cost and likes can be used to decide the lighting in your home office. You can also have a TV to relax yourself or a place to display all the art you have collected over the years. You can have plants in the rooms to bring in more positivity. Accent lighting gives you light in a particular area or an object. Accent lighting adds more drama to your home and makes you feel like royalty. Accent lighting also makes your home office looks sophisticated.

Whatever lighting you choose just make sure it makes you feel good and motivates you to work harder and be productive. If cost may be a problem, floor lamps and table lamps never go out of fashion, but investing on lighting is great for your home office as a great space with good lighting can make you sit for hours together in your home office without ever having to dread sitting there for a long time.