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Good things come in small packages.  “Rab Lighting” has incredible values in LED Lighting Fixtures.  The positions of “LED Lighting Fixtures” can create interesting and beautiful patterns of light throughout your yard.  “LED Accent Lighting” can bring attention to the areas of your yard that you want to stand out the most.  The focal point of the yard should be brighter than everything else.  Just a little light at night can bring warmth and inviting paths to your outdoor lounging areas.  Sitting by the Pool and looking at all the interesting Tropical Plants and Palm Trees illuminated by” LED Lighting Fixtures” from “Rab Lighting” will create a happy feeling knowing the investment will last and last.  “Rab Lighting” guarantees their “LED Landscape Fixtures” for five years.  A one hundred thousand hour LED lifespan is designed to last about twenty seven years with continuous use at ten hours a day.



The “Rab Lighting LED Fixture” model number “LFLED-5-Y-A” uses only five “Watts” of “Energy” and compares to a thirty five watt “Halogen MR16 Fixture”.  Three “Kelvin Temperatures” are offered for this design.  The letter “Y” designates a 3000 Kelvin.  This is a warm color tone of light.  A second choice of 4000 Kelvin is designated with the letter “N”.  This color tone of light can make statues stand out.  The last choice is 5000 Kelvin.  The elimination of letter “Y” or “N” will automatically designate 5000 Kelvin.  A 5000 Kelvin is a blue white color tone of light.  This color tone of light works well at night showing off the street address to your home.  “Rab Lighting” also offers their fixtures in four polyester powder coat finishes of “White”, Verde Green”, “Black” and “Bronze”.  The Last letter in the model number description is designated for the finish. The Letter “W” is for “White”, “VG” is for “Verde Green”, “B” is for “Black” and “A” is for “Bronze”.



The “Rab Lighting LED Fixture” model number “LFLED-8-Y-A” uses only eight “Watts” of “Energy” and compares to a fifty watt “Halogen MR16 Fixture”.  All three “Kelvin Temperature” choices are offered here along with the four finish colors as above.  This fixture produces five hundred eleven “Lumens” of light.  An important part of having a little more light is that you will find it easier to see the Tropical Plants and Palm Trees that are farther away in your yard.  The “LFLED-5-Y-A” and the “LFLED-8-Y-A” fixtures are about one and one half pounds.  The fixtures are only six inches long and about two and one half inches wide.  Both of the fixtures are 120 volt.  I always recommend having a “Licensed Electrician” install your “LED Lighting Fixtures”.  Safety around 120 volts and water is always a concern.  I recommend having a dedicated “GFCI Circuit” installed or have your fixtures GFCI protected.  “GFCI” stands for “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt”. This protects you against “Electrical Shock”.


model number “Bullet-12-Y-A” is one of the most popular fixtures for the yard.  The fixture uses twelve “Watts” of “Energy”.


This fixture is four and one half inches tall and four and three quarter inches wide.  Three “Kelvin Temperature” choices of “3000 Kelvin”, “4000 Kelvin” and “5000 Kelvin” will allow you to create visual interest with eight hundred “Lumens” of light.  One of the nicest features to this fixture is that it is dimmable with “Electronic Low Voltage Dimmers”.  I always recommend it is better to have too much light and control it with dimmers from “Legrands” “Adorne” style of dimmers then to have too little light.


This fixture is 120 Volt.  I recommend this fixture for groups of “Areca Palms”.  I trim up the small growths of new branches and focus the light on the more developed main sections.  The Shadows and interesting patterns look great at night.  Another feature about the “Bullet-12-Y-A’ LED fixture is that the included ‘Shroud” is adjustable.  If a little glare is noticeable after positioning the fixture I can re-position the “Shroud” to cut down on the glare.  This LED Fixture is very reasonably priced.  The “Bullet LED Fixture” is excellent for wall mounting too and has two options for a double configuration.  One of the double configurations offers a motion sensor for security and convenience at night when motion is detected.  I love taking the trash out in the morning when the lights come on automatically.  I have not made a mistake putting the wrong trash into the recycle container.

Rab Lighting has many well engineered products for your home and business.  The “LED Round Bollards” have an architectural quality and strength at an affordable price point.  The fixtures are available in twelve, eighteen, and twenty four watt versions that provide ninety degree, one hundred and eighty degree, two hundred and seventy degree and three hundred and sixty degree lighting patterns.  White and Bronze finishes are available. Different “Kelvin Temperature” options will allow you to compliment your areas of lighting needs.

“Rab Lighting” is located in “New Jersey”.  Customer Service is excellent and friendly.  I highly recommend researching this company for many different areas of your home and business. As always thanks for visiting Lighting Miami

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