Here are three major ways to decide the type of lighting to choose for a dining room:

dining room chandelier

Lighting Above Dining Table

The most important area in the dining room for lighting is at the top of the dining table. As the dining table occupies most of the space in the room, the lighting above it should be perfect and is the major contributor in setting up the style, décor and appearance of the room.

One factor to consider is that the lighting design and style should match with the dining table in the room and should not be detracting from the theme. For example, round chandeliers are more popular and suitable with round tables and rectangular chandeliers and lighting designs match more with the rectangular shaped tables. Secondly, nickel or chrome finished fancy chandeliers can be used with modern designed dining tables whereas bronze finished chandeliers or lighting can be used for traditional themed designed tables.

The second factor to consider is the size of dining table. The larger the size of the dining table, the larger the lighting fixture should be and vice versa. For smaller dining tables, a single large pendant light would do the trick whereas for a larger dining table a chandelier would be much suitable.

The third factor to consider is the type of bulb that will be used. LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular due to the white bright light they release illuminating the room. Secondly, LED bulbs provide the highest cost savings in terms of efficiency and energy, LED bulbs can provide up to 90% cost savings when compared to other light bulbs. The bulbs should of an average of 60-75 watts each to have bright warm light. Therefore, LED bulbs are the ideal choice for bright light with maximized utility savings. The

The fourth factor to consider is the vertical dimension of the chandelier or other lighting fixtures. The minimum height to keep is at least 3-4 feet above the dining table. It not be too low that it becomes a pain to the eye and not too high as well that the light is scattered. Keeping it at a distance of 3-4 feet above the dining table would provide sufficient and appropriate light.

The fifth contributor in the lighting technique is the use of the dimmer. The dimmer can be used to control the level of brightness of the lighting fixture. This can be immensely useful as you would not want the same level of light at all times. The level of light required at day would be different than the level of light that is required at night or in the evening. Secondly, lights can also be dimmed to create a warm or romantic feeling for the couples. Another benefit of dimmed lights is that it can help a lot in photography as well and make everyone look much prettier.

Lighting On the Dining Table

The second choice is to decide whether to keep smaller lighting fixtures on the dining table rather than using the chandelier or ceiling mounted lighting fixtures as a single source of light for the entire dining room. This totally depends on the choice of the person because not everyone would want illuminating light striking at them at all times. Therefore, having dining table lamps and wall lighting is another option and an alternative to chandeliers and ceiling installed lighting fixtures.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is the technique where the lighting fixtures are installed in the ceiling with the trim. The light passes through the trim and refracts around the room / area. The number of lighting fixtures used in recessed lighting are usually greater than the wall lights or a single chandelier used in the dining room. There are different kinds of trims and bulbs which can change the strength and direction of the light passing through and therefore it can be adjusted according to user’s choice.

However, recessed lighting can only be used for new construction houses, renovations or IC and Non IC housing that are either not developed or under development. The reason is that the lighting fixtures get installed in the ceiling and therefore this lighting technique is effective where the ceiling has not been completed yet.

The pivotal point in deciding the type of lighting fixture in a dining room is the dining table itself. The theme of the room and the lighting fixtures should go with the theme of the table to improve the décor, style and appearance of the room.