The perfect chandelier can make a big difference to the feel of a room and how it looks. Choosing a large chandelier for a smaller space can be suffocating and leave less space for the room whereas a small chandelier for a formal dining room. Therefore, the correct choice of chandelier can have a great impact on the appearance of a room.

modern chandelier idea

Here are 4 things to consider pick your best chandelier:

Diameter Calculation for Chandelier

Diameter can be a useful and key factor to determine the size of the chandelier that would be required for a particular room size. The formula is to measure the length and the width of the room and then add the number. After adding the number, change the number to inches and that should be the ideal diameter for the chandelier that would be perfect for your room.

For example, if the length of the room is 20 feet and the width of the room is 22 feet, then the sum of both numbers would be 42 feet. Changing this number to 42 “inches” and you should look for a chandelier that has 42 inches’ diameter. You can still have a chandelier that is a bit bigger rather than having too small.

Vertical Dimension of Chandelier

After deciding the diameter of the chandelier, it is time to choose the height of the chandelier. The simple rule is that the chandelier should be at least 7-9 feet above the floor. This will help you to determine the vertical dimension of the chandelier. Combining the diameter and vertical dimension of your chandelier, now you should have an idea of the size of chandelier that would fit in that particular room. Most of the chandeliers have either a sliding mechanism to adjust the height of the chandelier or either a chain which can be used to adjust the height of the chandelier. The height of the chandelier is also variable according to the lighting preferences of every person and they can adjust the height of chandelier according to that.

Location of the Chandelier

Deciding where to hang the chandelier can also be a critical factor in the overall appearance and style of the room. Thinking of hanging the chandeliers, the most common places are dining room or living rooms. However, chandeliers can also be installed in various other room and places as well such as small chandelier can also be placed in a washroom. Another place to hang a chandelier could be hanging above your bed with dim lights. This can give a good cozy romantic feel to the room. Another suitable place for a mini chandelier could be the kitchen. Clocks, lamps or hanging lights can be replaced with a beautiful elegant mini chandelier. Mini chandeliers are most popular in these areas whereas larger chandeliers would be suitable for dining rooms.

Matching Style

Chandeliers having become increasingly popular as a style symbol rather than just for lighting purposes. The overall design, paint, furniture and ambiance of the room needs to match the style and design of the chandelier and vice versa. Installing a fancy and large chandelier in a small room could look odd and consume a lot of space as well making the room congested. The idea for choosing a chandelier is that is should blend with the theme of the room and not detract you. A fancy crystal chandelier would be suitable in a dining room with illuminating lights and colors, a large dining table for the room, and some free area to pass and walk around the room. For modern designs, you can choose the chandeliers with chrome or nickel finishes which would give the chandelier a fancier and appealing look. Whereas bronze finishes are usually used in more traditional furniture.

The main aspects to look for when choosing a chandelier are the diameter of the chandelier, its vertical height or dimension, the location where you want to hang the chandelier and the design and theme of the room should match with the style and color of the chandelier. However here are some key points which will help you improve your decision making even further:

  • Do not consider a chandelier as the primary source of light in the room. Even though they provide enough light, they are considered nowadays more as a style symbol and for decorative purposes.
  • With the developing technology, LED chandeliers are also available in the market for people who are looking to manage their expenses as well at the same time. Chandeliers can consume a lot of energy therefore the LED chandeliers can be cost effective alternative.