The statement ‘kitchen is the heart of the home’ is absolutely true because it acts as a multi-functional space for many households. Even though the primary purpose of kitchen is cooking and serving foods, the kitchen is the only space where families gather, so proper lighting on this space becomes very imperative to carry out daily tasks and also show-off your kitchen design and culinary creations.

If your kitchen doesn’t have sufficient lighting, you can use simple methods to bring the much needed natural lighting in the kitchen or consult an architect or interior designer to give you the lighting makeover your kitchen needs.

bright kitchen with natural lighting


Proper ventilation is a must for the kitchen and since the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, the ventilation should be good both in the night and as well as in the day. You can install an exhaust fan, a range hood and a ventilation hood.  Ventilation needs to be at least half the amount of natural lighting in a house.

To maximize morning sun rays

The position and size of the windows in the kitchen play a role in the amount of sun rays you get inside. You can place the sink next to a large window so that you can get all the rays when you clean your kitchen items. You also need to build your house in a way that lots of sunrays get into it.

Residential tubular Skylights

This concept works completely on sunlight. In this method, no wiring or stitches are used and you get unlimited sunlight during the day time.  These also don’t contribute to heat loss or gain and there are many models and price ranges available for you to choose from.

Install solar tubes

You can remodel your kitchen by installing solar tubes to bring more natural light .This is one of the most affordable ways to do it and is best suited for homes that have many floors in the house.

Repaint in light colours

You can repaint your kitchen in white or lighter colours. Adding lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, pendants, etc is also good for the kitchen. Use white, grey, blue for better and warmer atmosphere and white is considered the best colour for both lighting and mood.

High windows

Windows placed in the rafters bring a lot of light into the kitchen and are also an architectural delight. Clerestory windows are apt for great lighting and also maintain the privacy needed for the room.

Check wall space

The kitchen needs to have enough wall space for both the storage of materials and for building the kind of windows you desire for your room.

Light shelves

Light shelves are environmental friendly as it reduces the amount of artificial light used. Though light shelves are not suitable for all climates, using it divides the windows between the view-able portion and the part that lets in additional light making the light bounce upward making it easier for daylight to penetrate into the floor plates.

Remove drapery

If you have heavy materials, you can change your window treatment and use lighter materials for allowing sunlight to get into the room. Using materials like cotton and linen are good for better sunlight.  If privacy is not one of your major problems, consider removing all the drapery in your room for better natural lighting in kitchen. Make it a point to open out your curtains for the light to get inside. Small windows are not good enough for natural lighting in kitchens.

Even though you have options available to bring in natural lighting into your kitchen , the climate of the place you are living in plays a major role in determining whether it is possible to get the natural lighting in the kitchen. Other factors that decide the natural lighting in the kitchen is also the cost you are willing to spend. You also have to understand that some rooms may remain quite dark even after the re-modelling because of the way it the house is designed.

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