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Located in the northern Vermont hills “House of Troy” has been producing classic lighting since the mid 1940’s.  Seventy years of quality and craftsmanship with expanding new designs and products are incorporating today’s technology with LED.  “House of Troy” began as metal workers, making products to position over fine art work.  Through the years “House of Troy” has expanded their family of products to include “Floor Lamps”, “Table Lamps” and “Wall Lamps”.  “House of Troy” designs their products around the light source creating beautiful task lamps.

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In 2013 “House of Troy” purchased “Scatchard Stoneware” and opened a pottery in Hyde Park Vermont.  With the use of a high firing reduction process and over a dozen custom glazes, “House of Troy” creates highly durable and beautiful stoneware products.  “Scatchard Stoneware Lamps” are fired at two thousand three hundred degrees for over twenty four hours to create a durable surface and finish to the various glazes used in their manufacturing.  You can choose from many different styles and finishes to complement with your home furnishings.  The shapes are clean and beautiful.  High quality shades in “Cream Linen Hardback”, “White Linen Hardback” or “Off White Linen Hardback’ is used to finish their lamp designs.  I love the fact that a three way socket is used in just about every one of the “Table Lamps”.  The “Scatchard Stoneware Collection” offers a “Floor Lamp” model too.

The “Picture Light Collection” is one of my first choices to direct customers to highlight their favorite Artwork.  I always recommend talking to a “Licensed Interior Designer” to help with the details in proper planning.  A “Clock Box” is a special outlet positioned behind the Art to bring a power source to the “Picture Light Collection” fixtures.  A separate switch on the wall should be installed by a “Licensed Electrician” for all your Artwork.  Dim the rest of the light fixtures in the room down to twenty percent with the use of “Legrands” “Adorne” style of “True Universal Dimmers”.  Leave the “Picture Light Collection’ fixtures on at one hundred percent.


Your Art can now stand out and be center stage.  Do not leave your Art in the dark.  A good guide to use in the correct size fixture for your Art is from half to two thirds of the width of the Art.  ‘House of Troy” offers different metal finishes such as “Gold”, “Satin Brass”, “Satin Nickel”, “Polished Brass”, “Chrome”, “Antique Brass”, “Weathered Brass”, “Oil Rubbed Bronze”, “Statuary Bronze”, and “Mahogany Bronze”.  “House of Troy” offers different styles such as “Contemporary Incandescent”, “Contemporary LED”, “Hyde Park Incandescent”, “Richardson Reflector Incandescent”, “Traditional Incandescent”, Traditional LED-Z”, “Traditional LED Battery Operated”, “Horizon LED-Z”, “Oxford Incandescent Direct Wire”, “Oxford LED-Z Direct Wire”, “Slim-Line Incandescent”, “Slim-Line LED-Z”, “Slim-Line LED Battery Operated”, “Slim Line Incandescent Direct Wire”, “Slim-Line LED-Z Direct Wire”, and more.  I recommend the “LED Picture Lights Fixtures” over the incandescent designs. The “LED Picture Lights” have no “UV” or “IR”.  Thirty thousand hours of “LED” life is wonderful.  The “LED Picture Lights” have a 3000 “Kelvin” or “Warm White” color tone of light.  Energy Efficient and no maintenance are excellent features.


House of Troy Lighting” has families of fixtures to choose from.  The “Eco Collection” offers multiple light styles per lamp.  The floor and wall version have a standard three-way bulb for the “Ambient Lighting” and a LED gooseneck for the “Task Lighting”.



The “SLED Task Collection” incorporates a rotating shade with upright adjustability.  You can choose from three metal finishes of “Satin Nickel”, “Oil Rubbed Bronze”, or “Antique Brass” for the “Floor Lamp Fixture”, “Wall Mount Fixture”, or the “Table Top Fixture”.  Three hundred and twenty “Lumens” of light from a 3000 “Kelvin” is plenty of light to read by.  The “SLED Floor Fixture” adjusts in height from thirty eight inches to forty seven inches.  The shade on all the models is nineteen inches long by three quarters on an inch wide.  The switch to turn on the fixture is built into the shade.


The “Club Collection” fixtures are perfect for small spaces. The Classic style looks great in any traditional setting.  The “Club Floor Fixture” adjusts from forty five inches to fifty nine inches.  The “Club Collection” offers a complementary “Table Top fixture” to match up with the “Club Floor Fixture”.  I love the fact that I can choose a “LED Bulb” from “Satco” to complete the fixture choice.

For the Musical Artist in your family “House of Troy” offers “Specialty Piano Lamps”.  You can choose from many design styles and metal finishes.  I recommend the “LED Piano Lamp Collection”.  Adjustability and performance will help you to read the notes to the crescendo.  “House of Troy” even offers “Battery Operated LED Piano Lamps”.  The batteries are not included with the fixture.


For reading in bed “House of Troy” offers the “Wall Lamp and Swing Arm Collection”.  “The Wall Swing Arm” lamps are functional beside a bed or sofa.



The fixtures extend to allow for maximum adjustability.  “House of Troy” offers “Incandescent”, “Halogen” and “LED”.  The “Halogen” model includes a GU10 Base bulb.  I like this model because I can swap this “Halogen” bulb for a “LED” GU10 Base bulb from “Satco”.  The “Satco” LED bulb produces five hundred “Lumens” of Light and I can choose the “Kelvin Temperature” of the bulb.  I like a “Kelvin temperature” of 4000 Kelvin or 5000 Kelvin for myself to read by.  The higher Kelvin Temperature is a more blue color tone of light and makes it easier for me to read the text.


“House of Troy” has many wonderful products to choose from for your home or business.  As always thanks for visiting Lighting Miami

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