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According to dalefiffany.com, “Dale Tiffany” started manufacturing art glass windows and lamps in 1979.  In 1981, the company formed a new direction to focus on recreating the works of “Louis Comfort Tiffany”.  The direction included reproductions of “Tiffany” style lamps and shades using “Tiffany’s original designs.  For over thirty five years “Dale Tiffany” has reproduced classic designs and focuses on reproducing the colors in the hand rolled glass using ring-mottled glass.


Bring flowers of color where no sun shines.  “Dale Tiffany” has many different designs for your home or business.  The “Tiffany Museum Collection” is gorgeous and colorful.  “Dragon Fly’s” and “Flowers” are detailed and hand crafted to last.  The base on the “Tiffany Museum Collection” lamps is solid Bronze.  The fixtures use two or three incandescent sixty watt bulbs that can be replaced by a “LED” equivalent from “Satco”.


The “Tiffany Art Glass Collection”, “Contempo Series” has “Table Lamps” and “Floor Lamps” that match.  Plenty of light will be produced from sixty watt incandescent bulbs.  Incandescent bulbs can be swapped for LED comparisons.  “Satco” has “LED Bulbs” with different “Kelvin Temperatures” that will make your fixture choice stand out with brilliance.  The “Tiffany Art Glass Collection Chandeliers” are large and beautiful.  Model number 1000 is sixty four inches wide and forty inches tall.  This fixture uses twelve sixty watt incandescent bulbs.  I love to view the colors looking up at the outside of the bowl shape. The designs and shapes show the details and craftsmanship that went into the manufacturing.  “Dale Tiffany” is known for utilizing the copper foil technique, a glass assembly method used by “Luis Comfort Tiffany” over one hundred years ago.

dale-tiffany-lamp-3 dale-tiffany-lamp-4

“Dale Tiffany” “Foyer Pendants” come in different sizes and shapes.  Model number TH12271 is a round shape that measures twelve inches wide and fifteen inches tall.  I love the “Dragon Fly” centered on the fixture.  This fixture can handle up to sixty watts of incandescent light.  For taller ceilings model number TH100476 is almost seventeen inches wide and thirty three inches tall.  The shade size is sixteen and one half inches wide and fourteen and one half inches tall.  This “Foyer Pendant” uses three sixty watt incandescent bulbs that can be replaced by its LED equivalent.


The “Dale Tiffany Art Glass Collection” has “Island Fixtures” with many design styles.  Model number TH100359 is a design style for over a pool table.  Model number TH12065 has three glass shades with a “Mission Style”. This would look great over a Kitchen Island.


The “Dale Tiffany Art Glass Collection” includes “Mini Pendants’ with incredible details for craftsmanship.  A combination of chains and or stems suspends colorful designs and shapes.  Position a “Mini Pendant” next to your bathroom sink in the powder room. The “Dale Tiffany’ “Mini Pendants” can be positioned in different areas of your home. “Dale Tiffany” produces “Crystal Mini Pendants also.

dale-tiffany-mini-pendant dale-tiffany-mini-pendant-2

If you love quality in Crystal I recommend researching the “Dale Tiffany” “Crystal Table Lamps”.  Beautiful designs and shapes will allow you to choose from a number of choices.  Metal finishes are offered in “Satin Nickel”, “Polished Chrome”, and “Antique Brass”.


For your walls “Dale Tiffany” has kicked it up a notch with the “Favrile Art Glass Collection”. “Wall Arts” are available as “Wall” or “Ceiling” light fixtures.  Model number AW14307LT has four glass shapes measuring fifteen inches wide by twenty five inches tall. This fixture extends six and one half inches off the wall.  This “Wall Art” fixture uses four sixty watt incandescent bulbs which you can replace with its LED equivalent.  “Dale Tiffany” offers this fixture without any lamping too.  “Dale Tiffany” also offers a matching “Table Lamp”.  This is wonderful to look at.


Today the “Dale Tiffany” “LED Collection” includes “Pendants”, “Table Lamps” and “Floor Lamps”.  New designs and shapes incorporate one or more LED bulbs. The LED bulb uses 7.5 watts of “Energy” and produces 560 “Lumens” of light.  Model number SAT16003LED has beautiful translucent glass with a clear base.  This fixture includes an in-line dimmer.  The Shade measures fifteen inches wide by almost eleven inches tall.  The fixtures stands twenty eight and one half inches overall.  I love this new family of fixtures.  Other fixtures are offered with different metal finishes in “Polished Chrome”, and “Oil Rubbed Bronze”. “Dale Tiffany” has moved forward with today’s Technology.


“Dale Tiffany” offers many beautiful products for your home or business.  Included with their product line is a huge collection of accessories of “Art Glass”.  I highly recommend spending time researching this Manufacturer of high quality products.  Customer Service is excellent.

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