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The Holidays should always be full of fun with family and friends.  Celebrations, Birthdays, and Holidays always seem to be a lot more fun when time is made to decorate and create a lasting memory.  The perfect photograph with the right colors in the back ground can make a compliment to the focal point.

Color changing products from “Wac Lighting” are perfect for inside or outside.  “LED Tape” has taken over the market for creating a huge impact with such a small profile.  The “InvisiLed Palette”, twenty four volt, outdoor, “LED Tape” from “Wac Lighting” is a “Color Changing LED Tape” that uses three colors, “Red”, “Green”, and “Blue”.  “RGB”, is short for “Red”, “Green”, and “Blue”. This is the perfect product to buy because you can set the stage for any holiday.



The key is the remote control that allows you to key into any color you want.  If you want a slow color changing cycle you can set the timing.  If you want just a blue color tone you can rotate the colors until you find the right shade.  If you want a green color tone just keep rotating the colors slowly until you find the shade you want.  Lock in the color with the push of a button.  If the color is too bright you can dim it down with the push of another button.  Bright and beautiful color tones are at your finger tips.  If you do not want any color you can click another button on the remote control and you will have a warm “3500 Kelvin Temperature”.  Again you can dim this down or brighten it up.  “Wac Lighting”, “Color Changing RGB LED Tape”, is sold in one foot, five foot and ten foot sections.  Other products such as a “Driver” and a “Master Controller” will be necessary to purchase.  Installation by a “Licensed Electrician” is well worth the investment to get it right the first time.  The rated “Life” of this product is eighty thousand hours and is backed up with a five year warranty from “Wac Lighting”.



Outdoor “Landscape Lighting” products from “Wac Lighting” has opened a new door with technology.  Model number “5031-CCBBR” is a three inch in-ground twelve volt LED fixture with all the best in color changing, adjustable beam spread and aiming from your “Smart Phone”.  A free “IOS Mobile App” can be found by searching the app store for “Ilumenight”.  Brightness and color changing at your finger tips with the use of your “Smart Phone” is wonderful.  The fixture uses between 0.5 watts to 14.5 watts of energy.  The fixture has a 45,000 hour rated “Life”.  This fixture is Solid Brass and is tough enough to drive over with your car.




Model number “5011-CCBBR” is an above ground fixture with an easier installation.  This twelve volt Bronze on Brass fixture is factory sealed and is IP66 rated.  This fixture is protected against high-pressure water jets used in sprinkler systems found in your yard.  Again 45,000 rated hours of “Life” is excellent.  The fixture includes a detachable shroud.  The shroud is used to help cut out glare from a visual perspective.  This fixture includes a mounting stake, six feet of lead wire and direct burial gel filled wire nuts.  This fixture is two and seven eighths inches wide and has a body length of six and five eighths inches. You can set the beam angle on this fixture from a fifteen degree spot to a wide flood beam angle of sixty degrees, all from your “Smart Phone”. This fixture can be dimmed from your “Smart Phone” and has all the “Color Changing” features as the in-ground fixture above.  Additional products will be necessary to purchase such as a “Remote Transformer” and “Low Voltage Landscape Wire”.  As with all your “Landscape Lighting Products” I recommend having a “Licensed Electrician” do the installations.  This product is not designed to be dimmed from external dimmers on a wall.


I love to introduce customers to the best available products on the market.  Color changing products from “Wac Lighting are an excellent investment that can compliment your home design and style.  Accenting and adding color at night will make your home stand out.  Having full control at your finger tips is fun when you can be the Artist.  If you do not want any color just key into a “Warm White”  “3500 Kelvin Temperature”.


“Wac Lighting” offers many different “LED Lighting Products for your home.  This Manufacturer stands out at the top of my list for reliability, quality and customer service.

I highly recommend researching this Manufacturer.  “Modern Forms’ is another Division from this Manufacturer that has “LED Lighting Fixtures” for both inside and outside your home.


For existing lighting fixtures during the Holidays “Satco” has many different color “LED Bulbs” to choose from.  You can choose sizes from “PAR 38” to the traditional “A19”.  Colors can add cheer to the holidays and can put smiles on faces when it relates to your families favorite events.

Add “Orange and Green” “LED Bulbs” to the “Hurricane Football Game Events” at your home.

Products are long lasting and use very little wattage.  “Satco” has excellent customer service and is worth researching.

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