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Your Guide to Buying The Best Table Lamps

May 16, 2018 12:30:57 PM EDT

Table lamps are a much-needed fixture in any home. The best part is they are versatile and serve multiple purposes such as a bright (or dim if you prefer) source of light while reading or working, enjoying a quiet drink, or simply relaxing as you listen to music.[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="380"]PLC Lighting 2 Light Table Lamp PLC Lighting 2 Light Table Lamp with Satin Nickel Finish[/caption]However, buying the best table lamps isn’t that simple – you need to choose the light fixture so it illuminates the surroundings and looks good with the décor as well. There are several factors to be taken into account – here goes:Lamp HeightOne of the most important aspects, pay attention to it, or else you might end up regretting your choice. Taller table lamps are placed in living areas, while shorter ones are used in bedrooms. The bottom of the shade should be at eye level when you sit next to the lamp, so you can read without having to see the glaring light bulbs.Lamp WidthIf the lamp is going on an end table in the living room or a bedside table, measure the table top and compare it to the diameter of the widest part of the shade. Ideally, the lamp shade shouldn’t be wider than the table it is placed on. Don’t forget to consider the footprint of the base and other items (cup of coffee, water bottle, glasses, etc.) you might want to place on the table.[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="349"]2 light table lamp PLC Lighting 2 Light Table Lamp[/caption]Selecting the ShadeWhether you are buying a new shade or replacing an old one, you have to ensure it fits the base and enhances aesthetics too. The width of the shade should be about twice the width of the widest part of the base. Vertically, the shade needs to cover the switch but let a little bit of the neck part of the base show. If you wish to get ambient light in a room, along with bright reading light, it is best to get table lamps that have white or light-colored fabric shades. This is done so diffused light seeps in through the sides, while bright light moves up and bounces off the ceiling for ambient light and light is available from the bottom for reading. If you are going for a darker effect with a dramatic flair, get opaque shades instead. You will generally spot these shades in libraries where the light is focused on a book or work being done near the lamp, but light is not spraying everywhere.[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="324"]dainolite 2 light table lamp Dainolite 2 Light Table Lamp[/caption]

Getting More than One Lamp

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="564"] via Pinterest[/caption]This situation might be viewed as a problem, but it is assuredly not so. Creating a unified ambience with multiple lamps is extremely “in” these days. So if there is more than one table lamp in a big room, it is best to opt for different types of bases instead of getting lamps with similar bases. The former invokes more interest and appeal. For better cohesion, you can use shades in same shapes. If you wish to place a couple of lamps on a longer cabinet or table, it is advisable to keep them separated by 2 to 3 feet so the light is distributed in a better way. This arrangement also prevents the lamps from looking clustered.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="450"]8 light table lamp PLC 8 Light Table Lamp[/caption]There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that table lamps serve a decorative purpose as well apart from providing light. Choose a lamp that blends in beautifully with the surroundings of the room, or creates a fascinating contrast. The lamp can be used as a unifier of the room design too by picking up on that color with other décor elements like pillows, drapes, pictures, or furniture.Sprucing Up Your Old Table LampFunctional and decorative elements should definitely be changed if you feel the overall look has become dull and boring. Try installing a new shade for a different look, but don’t forget to check the old shade and see how it sits on the base. This is done so you get a shade that works perfectly with your lamp.  A lot of shades have a spider fitting, which is a little hole in the middle that sits on the top of a harp (the wire piece that goes around the bulb), while another kind of fitting is a shade that sits on hardware attached to the bulb's base. Some smaller lamps have clip-on shades that sit right on the bulb.Select the Right Bulb[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="387"] via pinterest[/caption]Last but not the least, it is best to install an LED bulb that is comparable to a 60 watt regular incandescent, as it produces sufficient lumens output and saves energy at the same time. For better flexibility, opt for a dimmable LED bulb.Ready to go shopping for the best table lamps out there? Don’t be in a rush to buy –take your time to browse through the various options and then make up your mind!Read More
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Avenue Lighting is one of the most well-known names in the market when it comes to chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces and LED ceiling lights. Regardless of what type you are looking for, you are sure to find it in their collection. A brief Avenue Lighting review will help you gain clear insight.[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="316"]Avenue Lighting HF1806-PN Hollywood Blvd. 5 Light Hanging Chandelier Avenue Lighting Hollywood Blvd Collection[/caption]Avenue Lighting – the companyWhen the company came into existence, their sole objective was to offer people with a myriad of choices while designing their space. Lighting plays a crucial role when it comes to setting the mood and ambience – you can’t select something random as it could end up becoming a total disaster. Nowadays, even interior designers are depending more on lighting and how it can transform surroundings, while imparting a welcoming vibe. In fact, if the lighting isn’t good, all other design aspects become futile as no one would notice them. An interesting fact about their collections is that each has been inspired by famous streets and a flair for traveling. When crafting a unique Avenue Lighting piece or collection, the brilliant minds behind the mind-boggling designs were influenced by diverse design schemes and qualities found all along the California coast.When it comes to ground-breaking designs that impress and leave you in awe, Avenue Lighting is your best bet. It fulfills all kinds of requirements starting from a sleek ceiling lamp that illuminates your dining space and endearing pendant lights for the bedroom, to wall sconces that brighten your foyer and stunning chandeliers that highlight visual appeal of the living room.What can you expect? [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="450"]Avenue Lighting HF9111-BK/BZ Robertson Boulevard Round Pendant Avenue Lighting Robertson Boulevard Round Pendant[/caption]Lighting fixtures from Avenue Lighting are available in numerous styles and designs so you have a wide array of choices to take your pick from. Lighting Miami has premium grade products under this brand in its inventory and you will surely find something that looks perfect in your home. Don’t worry about your lighting fixtures turning out like everyone else’s – it will be unique and beautiful. Every design is incorporated with an extraordinary element that makes it stand out from the rest. You get to transform your home completely by installing some of the most sophisticated light fixtures that not only blind in well with the surroundings but enhance aesthetics as well.There is nothing more frustrating than selecting the wrong kind of lighting for your home. Don’t get swayed by public opinion; while it is good to ask for advice; don’t ever disregard your own instincts. To put it in a nutshell, don’t purchase lighting fixtures because your friend told you to do it, or get a particular type as it looks good in your cousin’s residence. The overall décor and theme of your home must be taken into consideration before you go ahead and buy. This is where Avenue Lighting steps in by providing gorgeous lighting solutions, so you don’t have to wait for guests to leave unimpressed or feel annoyed as when the desired result isn’t achieved after installation of the lighting. Not only will the surroundings look marvelous, but the light output and focus will be excellent too.Why is Avenue Lighting so popular?The competition has increased immensely in this sector with companies constantly nudging each other to come out on the top. However, Avenue Lighting has managed to hold its position has one of the big names and have grown in leaps and bounds. It has steadily built up a great reputation and wide client base on a global scale.Stunning Designs[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="366"]Avenue Lighting HF1805-PN Hollywood Blvd. 29 Light Hanging Chandelier Avenue Lighting 29 Light Hanging Chandelier[/caption]Avenue Lighting manufactures elegant and classy light fixtures that look fabulous in any setting. The finishes on these fixtures are eye-catching to say the least! These lights are versatile and can be used in a variety of surroundings such as the kitchen, bar, dining space, living room, breakfast nook, and so on. You can even use these fixtures to illuminate the patio and other outdoor areas.Using LEDsThe lighting industry was revolutionized thanks to the use of LEDs, and Avenue Lighting wasn’t far behind. Today it offers numerous LED options in all of its fixtures that only provide excellent light output and quality, but consumes less energy than conventional lighting sources, thus ensuring savings on your energy bills.Easy to Install[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="450"]Avenue Lighting HF1900-7-AP-CH Aspen 7 Light Pendant Avenue Lighting Aspen Lighting Collection[/caption]No one has the time to figure out complex instructions when it comes to lighting solutions, which is why Avenue Lighting has gone above and beyond to ensure their systems take little time to be set up. If you conduct an Avenue Lighting review, you will discover that it has enviable recognizance in the market as a company that offers cutting-edge designs and innovative products, without compromising on reliability and quality. It continues to push the envelope when it comes to thrilling ideas about light fixtures that has contributed to its stellar reputation that is steadily growing with each passing year.Read More
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The beauty of a home decor piece or a painting or a new sofa can be spoilt with poor lighting. A little bit of effort from your side in deciding the kind of lighting you want plays a role in the overall look and aura of a space.what is upward lightingFor larger spaces, uplighting is better as uplight fixtures have wide beam spreads creating ambient lighting. Upward lighting also adds to the architectural feel. Down lighting is good for task lighting and is suited for kitchen spaces and a home office kind of setup or general work spaces.what is downward lightingWhen step lighting and path lighting are incorporated into an outdoor area, downlighting gives you a welcoming feel and gives brightness in dark evenings or late evenings which your neighbours may like too. Uplighting and downlighting can be used together too. Using it together will bring a nice layering effect too. When you try both the lighting types together, there may be a shadow created which is the reason why many experts don’t pair them up.The general purpose of uplighting or downlighting is to provide focussed lighting. Most people concentrate on the interiors, furniture, the new spunky stuff you buy for your home or the closet in a house and the last thing that is looked into is the lighting. In reality, it is the lighting which can really change the depth of a room.landscape lighting upward downwardUplighting and downlighting are a part of landscape lighting and in uplighting, landscape lights are mounted above and in downlighting, the landscape lights are fixed below.  Lighting up a tree can be done with uplighting. If you want to light up a whole tree, use uplighting as it highlights the tree they way you want to and adds the necessary scenic beauty to your home and garden.Outdoor seating in your house can be decorated with downlighting and is a practical choice as there is no much scope for destruction or damage as downlighting is usually installed or tucked in. Downlighting is usually used in landscape beds, walls and uplighting is used for trees and large spaces and are positioned to illuminate fixtures.Make sure the lighting you use provides the kind of stylish feel you want for your guests to see. Though you can’t compare downlighting and uplighting and decide on the one that is better, you can know which is better for your lighting requirements. Work with a lighting designer to get the best results otherwise you may be spending more time than you imagined in lighting.Lighting needs to be given importance as it makes simple spaces look magical. Knowing where you want the illumination makes you decide between uplighting and downlighting.Read More
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A home office is not just a quiet corner with a lot of books and a laptop, it is a room where you plan, execute, let your creative juices flow and have interesting conversations and meetings with clients, like-minded people and acquaintances. To make the home office a productive place, it needs to be an ideal environment for you to grow and definitely a place which is not dingy and a place which is great in terms of lighting and space. In fact, a badly managed home office with even poorly planned lighting makes you depressed and dull...[caption id="attachment_5678" align="alignnone" width="966"]small office home office lighting ideas Image: HGTV[/caption]Lighting Ideas & Tips for Home OfficeBring in some natural lightingNatural light can be brought in by keeping your windows open during the day. Both artificial lighting and natural lighting needs to be balanced in the room for the perfect home office lighting.Pick the right ambient lights[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="433"]ambient light for office Avenue Lighting Palisades Ave. 6 Light Chandelier Collection[/caption]Ambient lighting provides the entire room with illumination. Ambient lighting doesn’t have too much glare and sets the right mood for the room. Ambient lighting can be done with chandeliers, lanterns and wall mounted fixtures. Ambient lighting usually lights up the room in a balanced fashion but doesn’t help you focus on the work much.Use stylish task lighting[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="220"]Dainolite DM255-PC 1 Light Desk Lamp Dainolite Desk Lamp[/caption]While ambient lighting gives you the suitable environment to work, task lighting helps you complete your tasks and also allows you do all the things that excite most. Desk lamps, track lighting, recess lighting are the different types and mainly these need to be set up in such a way that your eyes are not strained.Give priority to spacesThe psychology is pretty simple- more space simply means better concentration and a better outlook towards your work. Modern pendants and wall scones can be used to make your room look bigger. You can also use desk scones and swing arm lights to improve the space constraint and reduce the clutter.Have you heard of sheer curtains?Sheer curtains are see-through curtains that are made of polyesters and they don’t distort sunlight yet they give a little bit of privacy. These are mostly available in light colors and are available in designs such as polka, stripes, polyester, flowers etc.Your lighting expresses your personalityArt is a fine way to express yourself and with the different kinds of lights available today, you can use it to design your room. The right use of ambient lights, task lighting and accent lighting depending on your cost and likes can be used to decide the lighting in your home office. You can also have a TV to relax yourself or a place to display all the art you have collected over the years. You can have plants in the rooms to bring in more positivity. Accent lighting gives you light in a particular area or an object. Accent lighting adds more drama to your home and makes you feel like royalty. Accent lighting also makes your home office looks sophisticated.Whatever lighting you choose just make sure it makes you feel good and motivates you to work harder and be productive. If cost may be a problem, floor lamps and table lamps never go out of fashion, but investing on lighting is great for your home office as a great space with good lighting can make you sit for hours together in your home office without ever having to dread sitting there for a long time.Read More
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The statement 'kitchen is the heart of the home' is absolutely true because it acts as a multi-functional space for many households. Even though the primary purpose of kitchen is cooking and serving foods, the kitchen is the only space where families gather, so proper lighting on this space becomes very imperative to carry out daily tasks and also show-off your kitchen design and culinary creations.If your kitchen doesn't have sufficient lighting, you can use simple methods to bring the much needed natural lighting in the kitchen or consult an architect or interior designer to give you the lighting makeover your kitchen needs.bright kitchen with natural lighting


Proper ventilation is a must for the kitchen and since the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, the ventilation should be good both in the night and as well as in the day. You can install an exhaust fan, a range hood and a ventilation hood.  Ventilation needs to be at least half the amount of natural lighting in a house.

To maximize morning sun rays

The position and size of the windows in the kitchen play a role in the amount of sun rays you get inside. You can place the sink next to a large window so that you can get all the rays when you clean your kitchen items. You also need to build your house in a way that lots of sunrays get into it.

Residential tubular Skylights

This concept works completely on sunlight. In this method, no wiring or stitches are used and you get unlimited sunlight during the day time.  These also don’t contribute to heat loss or gain and there are many models and price ranges available for you to choose from.

Install solar tubes

You can remodel your kitchen by installing solar tubes to bring more natural light .This is one of the most affordable ways to do it and is best suited for homes that have many floors in the house.

Repaint in light colours

You can repaint your kitchen in white or lighter colours. Adding lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, pendants, etc is also good for the kitchen. Use white, grey, blue for better and warmer atmosphere and white is considered the best colour for both lighting and mood.

High windows

Windows placed in the rafters bring a lot of light into the kitchen and are also an architectural delight. Clerestory windows are apt for great lighting and also maintain the privacy needed for the room.

Check wall space

The kitchen needs to have enough wall space for both the storage of materials and for building the kind of windows you desire for your room.

Light shelves

Light shelves are environmental friendly as it reduces the amount of artificial light used. Though light shelves are not suitable for all climates, using it divides the windows between the view-able portion and the part that lets in additional light making the light bounce upward making it easier for daylight to penetrate into the floor plates.

Remove drapery

If you have heavy materials, you can change your window treatment and use lighter materials for allowing sunlight to get into the room. Using materials like cotton and linen are good for better sunlight.  If privacy is not one of your major problems, consider removing all the drapery in your room for better natural lighting in kitchen. Make it a point to open out your curtains for the light to get inside. Small windows are not good enough for natural lighting in kitchens.Even though you have options available to bring in natural lighting into your kitchen , the climate of the place you are living in plays a major role in determining whether it is possible to get the natural lighting in the kitchen. Other factors that decide the natural lighting in the kitchen is also the cost you are willing to spend. You also have to understand that some rooms may remain quite dark even after the re-modelling because of the way it the house is designed.If you need help in kitchen lighting, contact our knowledgeable staff @ (305) 333-8295 (or) Visit our showroom @ 13611 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach, FL 33181 Read More
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How to Add Overhead Lighting in the Bedroom

April 16, 2018 5:29:49 PM EDT

Before you install the fixture, make sure all the power is off and place it in the centre of the largest space in the room. You can do this by measuring from two opposing walls and by marking the centre with the painter’s tape.You also have to find the source where you get constant power and in case it is the attic from where you are getting the power, you need to send feeler bits to locate where the wall where the switch will be located and secondly, to the location of the fixture.Watch this video to learn how to add overhead lighting to a bedroom[embed][/embed]Source: YoutubeRead More
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There is a lot of stir regarding LED lights and how great they are, with thousands of homeowners opting to switch to LED from regular lights. If you have decided to hop on that bandwagon, bear in mind that it will cost you quite a bit, but that is just the initial stage, because over time LED’s are more pocket-friendly as compared to conventional lighting solutions. Moreover, they are versatile – LED lights can be used as replacements for tube lights, bulbs, and outdoor fixtures too.But before you go ahead with the purchase, there are a few LED lighting tips that will help you in this regard:Lumens (not Watts)A common misconception associated with lighting is that wattage indicates how bright the light will be. But wattage is actually a measurement of the energy drawn by the bulb. For traditional incandescent bulbs, the concepts of watts drawn and brightness are often used interchangeably and somewhat accepted, but the same can’t be said so for LEDs.For instance, an LED bulb with comparable brightness to a 60W incandescent is only 8 to 12 watts. To be honest, there isn’t any way to convert incandescent watts to LED watts, which is why lumens is used instead. While shopping for an LED light, always look out for the lumens it produces.ColorYou have really lucked out here because LED bulbs can display a fabulous color range from purple to red, to a spectrum of whites and yellows. Color temperatures are measured in Kelvin (K). Homeowners usually choose between warm white, natural white, and cool white. The first two produces yellowish hues, which resemble those from incandescents, while cool or bright white gives a whiter light that is closer to daylight.The lower the measurement in Kelvin, the yellower the light, so a conventional incandescent is somewhere between 2,700 and 3,500K. A warm yellow light with a color temperature of 3000K is said to be the most comfortable. Cool blue light offers a higher color temperature with a value of around 5000K, which is touted to be more vibrant.Dimmable and Non-Dimmable LEDsThe circuitry of LEDs is slightly different, so they aren’t always compatible with traditional dimming switches. Most of the dimmers that are installed are designed in a way to work with incandescent bulbs. They operate by cutting off the amount of electricity channeled to the bulb – the lesser the electricity that is drawn, the dimmer is the light.This concept won’t work for an LED – in fact, they will flicker, buzz, or simply not function properly. There are a couple of solutions to resolve this issue – buy lights that are compatible with conventional dimmers, or remove your present dimming switch and replace it with an LED compatible dimmer. While dimming the lights is done for mood and ambience, it also saves power consumption and extends the lifespan of the LED.Not Every LED is SameBeware of this very troubling issue! Ever since the awareness regarding energy efficient lighting solutions have grown, LED companies have practically sprung up overnight. They promise the same thing – replacing incandescent bulbs with lights that provide the same level of brightness while using less power. The performance of an LED bulb depends majorly on LED chip. Needless to say, premium grade chips will last longer and tend to deteriorate less over time, when it comes to light output and quality.And therein lies the problem – not all LED bulbs are created equal as you might have noticed. There are loads of LED bulb manufacturers on the market that make tall claims and entice with ridiculously cheap prices, so steer clear from them as you are most likely purchasing an inferior quality product. Always buy from a reputed dealer or manufacturer.Know When to ReplaceJust because you wish to get LED lights for your home, doesn’t mean you go on a shopping frenzy and buy haphazard stuff that ends up being a waste of time and money. It is important to know where or when to replace a light with an equivalent LED – it ensures that lighting needs and aesthetic appeal is maintained. For instance, if you exchange a blown downlight in your living room with an LED, ad leave the rest of the lights as incandescent, it would totally spoil the ambience and look odd. If you are upgrading, then don’t do it in parts – it should be completed as a unit. In case you don’t have the budget for an entire upgrade at once, save up and then do it.LifespanBefore buying an LED bulb, don’t forget to check the lifespan, which is usually denoted in hours. For instance, if the lifespan is marked at 50,000 hours and you use the bulb regularly for 8 hours, it might last for 17 years.These LED buying tips will come in handy – keep them close by so you can consult when purchasing LEDs.Read More
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5 Best Selling Access Lighting Chandeliers

March 20, 2018 11:03:31 PM EDT

Access Lighting is a well known name in the lighting industry – this has been made possible due to its premium quality merchandise, efficient services, and prompt customer care. So if you are considering chandeliers for your home, Access Lighting is the right brand!!!

Here are our expert pick for top 5 and best access lighting chandeliers  – take a look:

Opulence 10 Light 23 inch Chrome Chandelier Ceiling Light

 Opulence 10 Light 23 inch Chrome Chandelier Access lighting Ceiling Light  This chandelier belongs to the Opulence collection and definitely lives up to the name. Elegantly sheathed glass globules have been clustered together in a seemingly random pattern, but it looks extremely eye-catching. With a chromium finish, you can rest assured the luster won’t fade anytime soon. The light distribution is soft and even, which is perfect when you have a relaxing night in!

Classic LED 26 inch Chrome Chandelier Ceiling Light

Classic Access lighting LED 26 inch Chrome Chandelier LightThe shades are delicately fashioned using the finest grade of opal glass, while the polish is high quality chromium. This is a 7-light dimmable chandelier, so although the light is quite bright, its intensity can be easily controlled with the aid of a dimmer switch. So if you feel like increasing or lowering the brightness, all you have to do is access the dimmer and it’s done! Moreover, these are LED bulbs that not only glow remarkably but are energy efficient too.

Nido 6 Light 3 inch Oil Rubbed Bronze Chandelier Ceiling Light

Access Lighting Nido Collection - 6 Light 3 inch Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish ChandelierThis chandelier is best suited for indoor and dry locations only, so don’t make the mistake of taking it outside. The Nido collection boasts of a timeless beauty and has been envisioned by a Spanish artist. Frosted shades fashioned into a modern oblong form are delicately suspended in a range of semi-flush and pendant luminaires. This 6-light chandelier is finished with oil rubbed bronze. 

Glam 5 Light 23 inch Chrome Chandelier Ceiling Light

Access 52120-CH/MIR Glam - 5 Lights Chrome Finish Chandelier Ceiling LightAs you can see, this is a brilliantly designed chandelier from the Glam collection. Each orb contains clustered crystals, but rest assured they don’t contain any blurs, bubbles or streaks that could impede the distribution of light. Every crystal bead and component is cut using precision so the facets are clear and reflection of light is unhindered.

Nido 6 Light 3 inch Matte Chrome Chandelier Ceiling Light

Matte Finish Chrome Chandelier Ceiling Light by Access Lighting This Access Lighting Chandelier looks the same like the other Nido light fixture, but the finishing is distinctly different – in this case it is matte chrome, whose luster is a tad more metallic as compared to that of oil rubbed bronze. Distribution of light is uniform, so it can hung in hallways, living rooms, dining spaces, and so on.Can’t resist buying? Who’s stopping you from buying an Access Lighting Chandelier? Go right ahead!Read More
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Tech Lighting has definitely come a long way since its inception in 1988, when it was just manufacturing Kable Lite. Over the years it has grown into one of the giants in the lighting industry and its client base is spread out all over the world.

togan grande pendant

Tech Lighting knew exactly where to get started

People learn the hard way when they are victims of bad lighting in their homes. In general we all become the victim of bad lighting at our homes. Even when you go to a hotel or restaurant, you may have noticed that you look stunning at one location, and appear dull and exhausted at another.  And one would surely like to be in the category of the former. So when guests come to your home and you don’t get a good vibe about their overall impression, or the final result after the lighting is installed isn’t according to what you had envisioned, that is when you realize you have messed up! Tech Lighting provides several successful lighting solutions, so this scenario can be easily avoided. It includes elements like multiple light sources, proper light output, complementing the overall décor of the room, and so on.

Why is Tech Lighting so popular?

audra pendantWith a dozen lighting companies producing top-notch products and the fierce competition, the popularity of Tech Lighting has remained unaffected. If anything it has exponentially grown in the past few years. The company has gained recognition and praise for being passionate about their designs and styles, and actually caring about their customers who use their lighting fixtures.
  • Gorgeous Designs - Needless to say, Tech Lighting has hit home with its cutting-edge designs and on-trend fixtures, which look fantastic and are available in a wide range of stunning finishes.
  • Low-Voltage Fixtures – Tech Lighting is one of the top manufacturers of low voltage fixtures such as its monorail and low-voltage pendant systems. They make it super convenient to incorporate plenty of light in all areas of your home such as the kitchen, bar, dining space, living room, breakfast nook, and so on.
  • Usage of LEDs – With the advent of LEDs, the lighting industry underwent an enormous change, and Tech Lighting joined in with sophisticated LED options in both integral fixtures and retrofit lamps that speak volumes thanks to their outstanding light output and quality.
  • Easy-to-build Systems – Customers get annoyed when a lighting system takes hours to set up, or is very complex to figure out. Tech Lighting is well aware of this fact, which is why it specializes in systems that are simple and can be installed quickly.
  • Pushed the Envelope – Tech Lighting is unafraid to venture out of its comfort zone, so it has secured its niche in the world of both indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures.

Tech Lighting and its journey

Tech Lighting has completed three decades by building a reputation as a company that is fearless, and offers timeless designs via precise engineering and dependability of products. As mentioned, it is one of the top names in the market when it comes to low-voltage lighting systems, along with a massive collection of beautiful fixtures. Tech Lighting has managed to blend erudition, imagination, and innovation by constantly introducing new and exciting ideas in terms of design and technology.

What sets it apart from the rest?

With the market getting more saturated each day, even reputed lighting companies have often lost their footing. But Tech Lighting has managed to hold on to their position and maintain an enviable track record. If you conduct a Tech Lighting review, of the design and development of energy efficient lighting products, and you can see how it has achieved this feat. They are at the forefront of integrating LED lighting technologies into lamps and converting them into practical products. LEDs have completely turned the tide of the industry, and Tech Lighting has done a remarkable job when it comes to focusing on low-voltage lighting which consumes much less electrical energy compared with traditional lighting sources.cypree pendant large tech lightingIf you take a look at their low-voltage lighting solutions, you will notice that most are available with LED lighting technology, which clearly heralds more products coming up in the future that will be better and more innovative. Line-voltage fixtures from Tech Lighting are integrated with energy-saving CFL options. They have a vast collection of decorative lighting fixtures that feature contemporary designs, state-of-the-art technology, and fabulous craftsmanship. That is the reason Tech Lighting is one of the most preferred choices for architects and interior designers, apart from individual homeowners.Ever since its inception, Tech Lighting has always set new boundaries, and expanded beyond their roots, which is why their impressive portfolio has moved past specific aesthetic and categorical definitions. Classic design and exceptional quality are aspects the company truly lives by, and is reflected blatantly in their wide range of lighting solutions that don’t resemble the usual market offerings. It remains unparalled in design, style and quality.Need help in choosing Tech lighting lights? Contact us at (305) 333-8295 or Visit our exclusive tech lighting brand merchandise section.Read More
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It is easy to transform your space without spending a fortune if you go about it systematically. The right kind of lighting can work wonders and totally change the ambience of any room or area. Pendant lighting not only transforms, but also creates a sense of style in your home.What are pendant lights?Access Lighting Flux Collection 1 Light Pendant in Antique FinishDon’t get misled due to the term “pendant”, as that usually projects an image of a small and obscure fixture in our minds. However, it is nothing but a myth as pendant lights are quite noticeable and make pronounced fashion statements. They are available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, so you are really spoilt for choice.This type of light fixture is mounted to the ceiling and hangs down on a rod or chain (could be more than one). The term originates from the fact that the light is suspended just like a pendant on a necklace. The most basic ones have a single light bulb mounted base up, inside a globe or under an open shade or open reflector. They can be used in kitchens, family rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and even outdoors.Here are 5 tips for a pendant lighting buying guide:Size and ShapeGetting the right size and shape is extremely important. Overly large lights can make the room seem too bright that you have to squint, while extremely dim ones can affect visibility, which is a strict no-no. Moreover, the lights need to match with the depth and character of the room as well.Heightpendant heightThe pendant light fixtures shouldn’t be hung too high as it would show the bulb, while being too low means the view is blocked. If you are installing them in the dining space or kitchen, the rule of thumb is the height should be 30-36” above the height of the counter or table. Another rule to follow is installing the fixtures 60-66” above the floor.Mix and Matchmix and match pendant At times a single light isn’t sufficient, so this is your chance to experiment by mixing different types of pendants to brighten the space. But then again, mixing doesn’t mean you randomly pick out different pendant lights and hang them together. Keep aesthetics and luminescence in mind before selecting.

Get Proper Wattage

Although there is no fixed formula for calculating the wattage of light required for a room, Kichler Lighting has come up with an interesting solution. Multiply the width by the length of the room, and keep the measurement in feet. Afterwards multiply the result by 1.5 to get a general idea about the wattage.FunctionalityWhat are you buying the pendant lighting for? Is it for a decorative purpose or do you want it to be more functional? Or would you prefer something that has both characteristics? Pendant lights can not only improve visual appeal but also provide task, general, and area lighting. How are pendant lights used?As discussed above, there are numerous ways to use pendant fixtures such as general, area, and task lighting. Take a look:

General Lighting

This type of light can be mounted as central fixture in most rooms, while some more can be used in corridors or hallways. The best part is when pendant lighting is used for general purposes; these fixtures are often designed to direct the light upwards onto the ceiling. As that light spreads across the ceiling and is reflected back down, it helps us see more of the room, so visibility is excellent. It gives you a better sense of where the edges and corners are, so you can chalk out movements accordingly.Area LightingThis type of lighting means only a certain part of the room is lit up. It is an addition to the general lighting, but don’t do the whole job themselves. For instance, if you install some fixtures in the centre of a room, along with corner lights, the latter fall into the area lighting category.

Task Lighting

The reason why pendant fixtures are popular as task lighting elements is because it essentially brings the light down from the ceiling and puts it closer to the counter, table, chair, or wherever you need it. They are used abundantly over counters and tables, but can be installed in other areas too. For example if you have limited space on your bedside table, you can get a pendant light installed, thus giving you plenty of light for reading at night. Thus you can see how useful these lights are for work areas. Needless to say, they add to the general lighting as well.So to put it in a nutshell, there is no need to tear down walls or rearrange furniture to make a statement. All you require is some fabulous pendant lighting and you will be set – just keep the pointers in mind before purchasing!Read More
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