Access Lighting is a well known name in the lighting industry – this has been made possible due to its premium quality merchandise, efficient services, and prompt customer care. So if you are considering chandeliers for your home, Access Lighting is the right brand!!!

Here are our expert pick for top 5 and best access lighting chandeliers  – take a look:

Opulence 10 Light 23 inch Chrome Chandelier Ceiling Light


Opulence 10 Light 23 inch Chrome Chandelier Access lighting Ceiling Light



This chandelier belongs to the Opulence collection and definitely lives up to the name. Elegantly sheathed glass globules have been clustered together in a seemingly random pattern, but it looks extremely eye-catching. With a chromium finish, you can rest assured the luster won’t fade anytime soon. The light distribution is soft and even, which is perfect when you have a relaxing night in!

Classic LED 26 inch Chrome Chandelier Ceiling Light

Classic Access lighting LED 26 inch Chrome Chandelier Light

The shades are delicately fashioned using the finest grade of opal glass, while the polish is high quality chromium. This is a 7-light dimmable chandelier, so although the light is quite bright, its intensity can be easily controlled with the aid of a dimmer switch. So if you feel like increasing or lowering the brightness, all you have to do is access the dimmer and it’s done! Moreover, these are LED bulbs that not only glow remarkably but are energy efficient too.

Nido 6 Light 3 inch Oil Rubbed Bronze Chandelier Ceiling Light

Access Lighting Nido Collection - 6 Light 3 inch Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Chandelier

This chandelier is best suited for indoor and dry locations only, so don’t make the mistake of taking it outside. The Nido collection boasts of a timeless beauty and has been envisioned by a Spanish artist. Frosted shades fashioned into a modern oblong form are delicately suspended in a range of semi-flush and pendant luminaires. This 6-light chandelier is finished with oil rubbed bronze.


Glam 5 Light 23 inch Chrome Chandelier Ceiling Light

Access 52120-CH/MIR Glam - 5 Lights Chrome Finish Chandelier Ceiling Light

As you can see, this is a brilliantly designed chandelier from the Glam collection. Each orb contains clustered crystals, but rest assured they don’t contain any blurs, bubbles or streaks that could impede the distribution of light. Every crystal bead and component is cut using precision so the facets are clear and reflection of light is unhindered.

Nido 6 Light 3 inch Matte Chrome Chandelier Ceiling Light

Matte Finish Chrome Chandelier Ceiling Light by Access Lighting


This Access Lighting Chandelier looks the same like the other Nido light fixture, but the finishing is distinctly different – in this case it is matte chrome, whose luster is a tad more metallic as compared to that of oil rubbed bronze. Distribution of light is uniform, so it can hung in hallways, living rooms, dining spaces, and so on.

Can’t resist buying? Who’s stopping you from buying an Access Lighting Chandelier? Go right ahead!