Tech Lighting Review –Premium Quality and Stylish Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Trends

March 23, 2018

Tech Lighting has definitely come a long way since its inception in 1988, when it was just manufacturing Kable Lite....

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Is LED Lighting Suitable for Bathroom Vanity?

LED Lighting, Lighting Trends

February 26, 2018

When it comes to lighting up bathroom vanities, you need to think about functional and practical solutions as that area...

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Tips for Buying Ceiling Fans Like a Pro

Ceiling Fans

February 22, 2018

Looking to shop for ceiling fans? Nowadays there are numerous styles, finishes, and makes available in the market, so...

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Making Your Bathroom More Attractive with Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

February 16, 2018

The bathroom is one of the most crucial rooms at home – it is no longer just a place to do your business in the...

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Ideas and Tips to Buy the Best Dining Room Lights

Dining Room

February 13, 2018

When it comes to decorating a home, it is vital to pay attention to lighting options, or else your entire effort goes...

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6 Innovative and Unique Ways to Light-up Your Home

Lighting Trends

February 3, 2018

Everyone likes to be unique and have a home that reflects his or her individual style, but when it feels like your...

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Top 5 LED Lights For The Bathroom Vanity


February 2, 2018

LED lights are a modern technological advancement that’s improving the lighting industry in many ways. One of the...

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Top 3 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Lights Online

Lighting Trends

February 1, 2018

Some people love the process of shopping and some people really don’t. Either way, when you are purchasing a new...

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Most Frequently Asked Questions on LED lighting

LED Lighting

January 15, 2018

LED lighting technology was invented over 50 years ago, but it didn’t become widely popular until recent years. As...

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Welcome To – South Florida Lighting Showroom for Home Owners & Professionals


April 12, 2017

We would like to welcome you to our newly designed and updated website. Lighting Miami is your one-stop-shop for all...

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