LBL Lighting

LBL Lighting

LBL Lighting has been around for over 25 years in the industry creating timeless lighting solutions that can adorn your house to turn it into a space straight out of a magazine.

What does LBL Lighting have in store for you?

Take your pick of the beautiful autonomous ceiling, bathroom, and outdoor lighting. LBL LED lights are a great option for people who want to use LED to light up their homes.

How is it made?

The glass is sourced from artisans around the globe, and all of the design and most of the assembly takes place in their headquarters in Chicago.

Core Values:

Quality, beauty, and originality. Every product from contemporary mini pendants to the most decorative sconce adheres to the core values.

The collection at a glance:

The Aiko Collection draws inspiration from Japanese lanterns adding its own modern twist in the hand-made etched glass. Italian handcrafted organic bowl with a Scavo finish sums up The Ambra Collection. The Bling is a dazzling collection of chandeliers and pendants.

Products to look out for:

Like Chandeliers but have space constraints?

The Madeleine Pendant is a beautiful glass painted light that can serve as a faux-chandelier. You may also want to get the Constellation Chandelier, another modern twist on chandeliers.

Looking for something a little quirky?

Give The Mekanic Collection a try. It takes what lighting is meant to be and completely turns it around on its head. The lights can be used as a statement piece in your living room or even your bedroom.

Do you live in a loft?

You must take a look at The Loft Collection and the Facette Collection. Both of these have stunning, warm and inspiring lights that bring a trendy and hip vibe to your space.

Big fan of Sconces?

Give the Showtime Wall Lamp a whirl.  The Max Wall light is also a stunning option. In fact, the entire Airin Wall Collection is the best place to find the perfect sconce.

Remodeling your bath?

Head on over to the Lynk Bath Collection for a wide variety of vanity and bathroom lights to suit your eclectic taste.

Want lighting that looks like art?

The quintessential photon 48 Starburst silhouette is fun and tailored to be a conversation starter. Try a smaller photon 34 called Tallow has gracefully curving arms flowing downwards. Line Wave 2 is also a stunner. It has a random asymmetrical pattern that gives it a dramatic look.

How do lights that emulate high fashion sound?

Mademoiselle Pendants look like expensive jewelry with a sterling silver body and crystals set inside the bezels. The Mademoiselle collection also extends to wall sconces. The Someday pendants mimic the female form and get its inspiration from dressmakers. Lola draws its inspiration from antique perfume bottles and has optic crystals and is chrome plated with a white opal glass finish. The origin of the Scarlet linear suspension can be traced back to an Armani brooch.


When you buy LBL Lighting products, you get classy, quirky, modern and art- all in one lighting solution. No matter what your needs are, LBL Lighting has a lighting solution for you. 

Exquisite lights? Think LBL Lighting!

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