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Landscape lighting has three general ways to power the products. Twelve volt systems start off with a Transformer. The Transformer takes regular 120 volt and steps it down to 12 volt. 12 volt verses 120 volt is a low number, so this is considered Low Voltage. The Transformers have different sizes in wattage capacity. Sixty watts up to twelve hundred watts is common. I find Kichler Lighting offers excellent products in LED that perform well with the elements outside. Up lighting into trees and bushes can create interesting values in lighting. Different wattages will help to accent and show off the focal point of the yard to lighting the address to the property. Low voltage is easy to install. Parts to the project are from the Transformer mounted to a wall near the power source to the low voltage cable in the yard to the fixture itself. A timer mounted to the transformer will allow for automation. Path lighting can help light the way to the front door. Position is everything in landscape lighting. Position the lights from the perspective of the person to who will in enjoy looking at what you are showing off. Hadco Lighting now has an excellent fixture that will telescope the beam spread from spot to wide flood and also allow different levels in brightness from the same fixture. This design will make your life easier to adjust your lighting as trees and bushes grow from small to large to larger. Twelve volt systems are safer around the yard when paired to a GFCI outlet or Breaker in the electrical panel.


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Line voltage fixtures, or 120 volt, have a little more labor involved to dig trenches, position pipe, and pull wires to a fixed junction box. This product should be installed by a licensed Electrician. Rab Lighting has wonderful products is LED that perform to one hundred thousand hours. To flood an area with very little energy and maintenance is excellent. LED is now the best value on the market. Fixtures have different Kelvin temperature choices from a warm color tone to a cool color tone. Rab Lighting also offers different metal finishes. Bronze, Verde Green, White, and Black are common choices. Always protect the lighting with a GFCI circuit for safety. Line voltage fixtures offer higher wattage opportunities to brighten up the yard from a single fixture. Rab Lighting has excellent customer service to help specify the correct fixture to get the right amount of light. Wac Lighting is now offering a new design in LED that too will telescope the beam spread and allow for different brightness levels. This is worth investigating. .


The last opportunity slowly growing into the LED world is solar energy. Solar energy fixtures are self contained. The sun is charging a storage cell, like a battery, during the day light hours and then the fixture discharges this stored energy at night. The values in light are getting better and better with new designs entering the market. Position may be a key factor to allow the sun to recharge the fixture. The creation of shadows with the light form landscape lighting fixtures can make your home a work of art in the positioning of fixtures throughout your yard. A flash light can give you a simple perspective on the position. Projecting light at a tree near a wall will cast a shadow onto the wall. Position the same flash light on the ground behind the tree pointing up at the wall. Stand back in front of the tree and now you will see the tree as silhouette. Interesting how position can create such beautiful designs


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