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Ceiling Fans


Ceiling Fans for Living and Dining Rooms

Enjoy great savings on ceiling fans throughout the year. Take advantage of discounts and special deals on all ceiling fan brands including Minka Aire, Emerson, Hunter Casablanca and other top manufacturers. Browse fans with remote controls, wall controls and changeable blades. Tropical and modern fan design are a great addition to any room or space whether residential or commercial. .

Ceiling Fans Today

Artistic movements of air sculptured to enhance our living spaces has come to a new level of Wow. The engineers have captured my attention to incredible designs and color combinations. The questions to ask for getting it right the first time are, how much air does it move, is this for inside or outside, pull chain or remote controllable, size, color, light kit available, what ceiling height is this being mounted to, flat ceiling or sloped, warranty, price. 

The amount of air a fan moves is measured as, CFM, for cubic feet per minute. The higher the CFM, the more air the fan moves. I like a fan with a high CFM, because I can put the fan on a slower speed and feel very comfortable with the adjustment made for my living area.  A low CFM may require me to run the fan at a higher speed to get the same effect. 

Fans for outside will have a UL, Underwriters Laboratories, listing for either Damp rated or Wet rated. Underwriters Laboratories tests the fans for safety and certification.  A fan with a UL listing for Wet location can come in contact with water. A fan rated for Damp location cannot come in contact with water. A Damp location fan can be mounted on an overhang on a patio, in a garage, or areas with high humidity. A fan rated for Wet location is sealed better for all of the above. A fan rated for Damp or Wet location can be installed inside the house too.  A fan with no listing for Damp or Wet location is fine for interior use only. On patios with multiple fans I would recommend purchasing a fan with pull chains. If the fan has a light kit then this could offer a benefit to bring light to an otherwise dark environment. Being able to control the fan speeds and the light separately in different areas makes it convenient to separate the areas for different conditions.  Casablanca Fans offers new technology for being able to separate the areas with a remote control. Ask for customer service with Casablanca or go to your local dealer for available opportunities with this technology. 

Manufacturers today like Minka Aire, Kichler Fans, Hunter, Fanimation, Modern Fans, Craftmade, Monte Carlo, Casablanca, etc, have guides to ceiling heights and recommendations for down rod lengths on their products. Sloped ceilings may need an adaptor to compensate for the angle of the ceiling. This information is available with customer service, or talk to your local fan distributor. The correct size fan for your room area is also available on line.  Rooms fifteen feet by fifteen feet should use fans around fifty six inches as a guide. Rooms twelve feet by twelve feet should use fans around fifty to fifty five inches as a guide.  Rooms ten feet by ten feet should use fans around forty two inches to forty eight inches as a guide. Small rooms six feet by six feet should use fans around twenty four inches to thirty six inches as a guide.   

Light kits may be included with the fan or may be optional for the fan product you are considering. Some fans with integrated light kits today may also include a cap, for non light use. Technology today offers more efficient DC motors. They are smaller in design from the traditional fans from yesterday. Light kits today that are LED have no maintenance. Dimmable LED is the best. Fans with florescent bulb types may not be dimmable. 

Most fans with limited life time warranty are the way to go. Ceiling fans with ten year, fifty year, warranty maybe a little less expensive, as an alternative. Quality and price goes together.  

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