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What captures your attention at first glance should awake the senses to beautiful compliments in design. Murano sculptures of color, shapes and styles are available from Tech Lighting. Quality and function starts this page with the best.  High ceiling types allow for a more linear shape in design. Normal ceiling heights will work with many opportunities. Pendant lighting fixture in a powder room would look great. Off center of the sink area will bring a wonderful touch of style to a very common place of business. Islands in a Kitchen, bar areas, peninsulas, winding staircases, over dining room tables, tall ceilings in hallways, are just examples of areas that work well with pendant lights. 

LED Pendants & Low Voltage Pendant Lighting

How much light emitted from the fixture is important for areas that need a little more punch of light downwards. Task lighting can come from Low Voltage fixtures with the MR16 lamp. A reflector type of bulb that pushes the light downward can light up Islands and areas for kids to do homework, or just read the People Magazine. Low voltage fixtures are available with LED, but this should be specified for this at the beginning of the purchase. Halogen low voltage fixtures may not be adaptable to LED with certain transformer types. Consult with the fixture manufacturer for available options. A high Kelvin temperature gives off a blue color tone of light which is excellent for blue glass fixtures. Amber color tones of glass should use a Kelvin temperature around 3500 Kelvin, or warm white. Having choices is excellent. Manufacturers like Elk Lighting have beautiful choices that are excellent in quality and price. 

Pendant Lighting Brands

Wac Lighting, Stone Lighting, LBL Lighting and Tech Lighting have a, “Wow”, factor with low voltage fixtures. For long lasting maintenance free, specify the fixtures with LED. Ask our experts in our lighting showroom if they have examples displayed with products manufactured from around the world, like the above. 

Pendant lighting fixtures can be mounted separately or mounted to track systems. Track systems can offer opportunities with bringing the light to where you need it. From a single power source bendable designs can be achieved. Contemporary and beautiful designs are available for both low voltage and line voltage pendant fixtures. Pendants and accent lighting products can be shared on the same track system. Tech Lighting would be great source to browse. Manufacturers offer canopies that will allow for multiple pendants to hang from a single light source. Staggering the heights of the pendants can allow for an interesting design to high ceiling types. Creating a spiral effect winding up a staircase can create a beautiful design with pendants. Creating a translucent pallet of color over a dining room table can complement your interior designs.  

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