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Beautiful Chandeliers Lighting For Home Decor

In general Chandeliers come in many sizes and shapes with different lighting values. Performance is the ability to get the light where you need It. How much light needed and position are key questions along with color, shape and design. Variations in flat ceilings verses sloped ceilings, is also a contributing question to ask during the qualifying process. Minka Lavery, Hinkley Lighting, Kichler Lighting, are a few lighting manufacturers with families of products. One style of chandelier may have different sizes available to choose from. Each fixture will have values to the proper wattage per socket, along with bulb type, if not included. Depending on bulb type, Led replacements can bring you forward to saving energy and having less maintenance.


LED stands for light emitting diode. A number of chandelier manufacturers have made use of this technology and are lamped with LED but with a specific Kelvin temperature. Tech Lighting has a number of beautiful chandeliers with LED.  Although desirable color tones from these Kelvin temperatures choices are usually in the warm tones of 3000 Kelvin, not all fixtures will give you choices. Philips Lighting has a fixture that will give you a key to adjust the Kelvin temperature to a couple of choices. Yes as we move forward in choices the ability to have an understanding of this will help you make your home beautiful with the color tone of choice.

Chandeliers with replaceable bulb types already have the ability to convert over to LED. Medium base incandescent light bulbs already have replaceable equivalents with Kelvin temperature choices. Kelvin temperature choices range from 5000 Kelvin, 4100 Kelvin, 3500 Kelvin, 3000 Kelvin, and 2700 Kelvin. A high 5000 Kelvin temperature will give off a blue tone of light form the LED bulb. A low 2700 Kelvin temperature will give off a very warm tone of light. This Kelvin temperature is often used for outside.  I advise to use the Kelvin temperature choice of 3000 Kelvin to 3500 Kelvin. This warm white color of light is desirable in the majority of residential homes


Bold and beautiful, hand forged metal works, wrought iron works, with many glass types including Tiffany, are available from a number of manufacturers for Rustic Chandeliers. Wood works and details of Antlers come to mind. Lodge and western, multi tiers of open and exposed lamping are traditional in design. Candle sticks of warm lighting make me feel like the country.  Lamp shades helping to redirect the lighting downwards, along with cutting out some of the glare issues will incorporate even more choices.   A number of Manufacturers have metal works shaped and designed for a complete palette of choices.  Kalco Lighting, Troy Lighting, Minka Lavery, Metropolitan Lighting, Kichler Lighting, Progress Lighting, Seagull Lighting, are a few of the companies to choose from. 

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