Elan Lighting

    Elan Lighting is where light meets art to elevates spaces to their fullest potential. These lights aren’t just lights; they are modern sculptures.

    Ceiling Lights: Try recessed lighting from the Incus collection for your ceiling or a modern take on chandeliers with the Moonlit Collection. The Crushed Ice, Imbuia, and Lexiko Collection make for great statement pieces and can be used in groups or alone.

    LED lights: LED lighting is all the rage right now. Wall sconces, recessed lighting, chandeliers and pendants by Elan lighting have an LED lighting option that you can explore.

    Sconce Lights: Elan lighting pulls away from traditional scones and dives deep into the realm of contemporary sconces. The Pandora, Rockne, Angelique and Elauna Collection are a fine testament to that.

    Mini Pendants: Keep your eyes peeled for The Vitalina, Niu, Shayla, Kristal and Zanne Collection that is a welcome departure from traditional sconces. 

    Vanity Lights: Overhaul your vanity and bath with the Sandro, Beryl, Nolan, Portal and Krysalis Collection.

    Pendant lights: The Soho, Stylus, Radian, and Quillo Collections encompass exquisite lights that look like art.

    Chandeliers: The Kotton Collection mimics cotton balls to create a stunning piece of modern lighting. The Neruda, Maze, and Shayla Collection make a subtle but bold statement. 

    Collections that you will fall in love with:

    For the frosted glass lovers:

    The Adara Collection has beautiful frosted glass that gives out a soft glow, a striking change from the otherwise sharp lighting in bathrooms. Glacial Glow is another collection that is worth your consideration to get ice like texture and diffused glow.

    For the mini pendant fans:

    The Adega Collection has a stunning collection of mini pendants that can serve as a bedside reading lamp or replace chandeliers in an otherwise small space.

    For the jewelry lovers:

    The Alexa Collection emulates high fashion jewelry and resembles glittering diamonds.

    For the ones with a taste for Interlaced ring lights:

    The Allos Collection is all you could ever dream of. The Destiny Collection is also a frontrunner in this category with its art-like design. You might also want to check out The Hyvo Collection for its simple and elegant design.

    For the Wall Sconce fanatics:

    The Balta Collection presents a sconce unlike any other with a modern twist to an otherwise classic lighting solution. Be sure to check out the Carbon Collection as well.

    For the Island lighting enthusiasts:

    The Beryl Collection is one brilliant collection to look out for. Add the Haisle Collection to that, and you're gold. 

    For the ones that love geometry:

    The Cubic Wave employs geometry and curves to illustrate fantastic designs. The Enterprise Collection also breathes new life into what lighting should be with its take on chandeliers.

    For the ones who believe in asymmetry:

    The Cellulare Collection is everything you could possibly ask for when it comes to asymmetrical designs that show off your unique taste. 

    For the ones that believe less is more:

    The Irvo Collection's mini pendants buy entirely into the Less is More philosophy with its clean, sharp lines and chrome metal finish.

    Elan Lighting is for people who believe that lighting should be not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Your next purchase is just one click away. 

    Elan lighting. Feels like art!


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