Access Outdoor Wall Lighting

Access Outdoor Wall Lighting

Outdoor wall lights can be used in many ways around the home. The most common usage is probably around the front door. You can use one fixture above the door or two on each side to create an attractive effect as well as provide safety. Some other great uses for our outdoor wall lights are around garage doors, along privacy fences, and on entry gates or posts. Outdoor lights are great for creating a dramatic look on your home, but also because they do illuminate and create an effect of security.

At LightingMiami, we carry lights that range from 1 inch up to 14 inches, so you can pick the ideal size for the area you need to light up. Outdoor wall lights from Access lighting come in different materials such as metal, steel, and aluminum, as well as finishes like bronze, silver, and pewter. These finishes are excellent when paired with modern and contemporary homes and other styles too. Generally, outdoor wall lights have 1-2 bulbs, which are easy to replace when needed, but provide a great amount of light in the evening.

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