Access Lighting Flush Mount

Access Lighting Flush Mount

Flush mount lights are ceiling light fixtures that are mounted directly to the ceiling. They don’t have a rod or rope that lowers them down any, so they are perfect for places that don’t have a lot of head room to spare. You can use these versatile lights in closets, hallways, bedrooms, and more. They are a simple and attractive way to light pretty much any room actually. Access lighting has beautiful and stunning flush mount fixtures that won’t make you sacrifice ceiling space.

We have a large variety of designs for our flush mount lights from Access lighting, to suite many tastes. Access lighting is known for its contemporary and modern designs, these modern flush mount lights also comes with a number of low manitenance LED fixtures. Get smaller flush mount fixtures with 1 bulb and a range between those and larger fixtures that come with 3-5 bulbs. The1-10 inch access light flush mounts are great for small entryways or reading nooks, while the larger 11-21 inch fixtures are perfect for family rooms and large spaces that need more light.

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